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Friday, August 11, 2017

National Presidential Joke Day

Can it get any more wide open than that? Go ahead and give it your best shot. You know you want to. The First Amendment is alive and well here at Islanddrumz...

So we've been having an issue with varmints here at the Batchelor Pad. For a while I couldn't keep enough D-Con on hand. Then the possums moved in and took care of the roof rat problem. Not sure if the Coons moving in had any affect on the possums but Wyatt's punching bag seems to have convinced everyone to pack up and move to a quieter neighborhood. Just when we thought we had the place to ourselves again we spotted a long tail running along the back porch. Enter the Rat Zapper. This little jewell is worth its weight in gold. No more rodents dying in the far reaches of the attic or between the floors leaving that wonderful odor for days. The Zapper hits the little beggars with enough juice to take them out so all I have to do is check for a tail sticking out of the end and then empty it into the trash can. It doesn't get much easier. After several successful outings with the zapper everything went quiet. Victory at last. Not so fast fat boy. The other morning MJ spotted a little gray intruder running out on the front deck. That's where we feed the local squirrel population and some birds. Drag out the zapper! A few cat treats in the back end and behind the grill you go. The only unknown was if squirrels like cat treats or not. This could be troubling. Mere moments ago I was roused by quite a commotion on the deck. I looked to see if there might be a hairless tail sticking out of the Zapper but that's not what I found. Apparently squirrels do like cat treats. But not the shock the Zapper doles out. It seems our local red squirrel population is a bit tougher than their not so cute cousins. I assume the tree rat went after the treats in the usual fashion but was less than amused by the shock he got. Not to be cheated out of his new found treats I watch this squirrel slap the Zapper around the deck. The new question is, Is he mad at the Zapper and bitch slapping it around as payback or is it trying to knock the treats out so he can have his way with them? We might never know. Squirel 1 - Zapper 0.

And then there's these damned things! This makes 7! This one was on the door jamb...for about 10 seconds.

This makes me sad.

I guess that's the price of progress...

It's probably been 11 or twelve years ago when we went to Cavenders' Boot City to get Wyatt his first pair of manly footwear. MJ had him in hand and went off to find a sales person while I mulled over my new purchase of Alligator. I had my hands on a pair when an all too familiar wail went up from the kids section. Off I go to see. When I arrive on the scene I find the fruit of my loins clutching a beautiful pair of Pink and White frilly boots to his chest. They were good looking boots no doubt and on the right cheerleader or Barbi Doll they would be the perfect accessory. MJ and the sales lady are at a loss. These are the boots he wants. I managed to get him calmed down but he was not having anything to do with the other boots I pointed out. His death grip on those pretty pink boots was firm. Until I spotted a pair that I knew would trump the pink. I picked up pair of faux snake skin, held them out and asked Wyatt if he knew what they were. He tightened his grip  and shook his head. I said " These were made from a giant snakes skin". He dropped the frilly boots like they were hot and walked out wearing his new boots. Pretty sure he wore them to bed. I still have my gators but I am looking forward to the new trip to Cavenders. Come on Rodeo time.

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