Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Thursday, June 15, 2017

National Lobster Day

I want to like lobster. I really do. I've boiled it, I've grilled it, I've had it in rolls, I've tried Cousins' at the Food Park and I've had it served a few ways that I've forgot. No Joy. I'll stick with their little cousins from Louisiana.

Well, you knew it was coming and here it is. Three weeks in to hurricane season and there are two scenarios folks are watching. One is waaaaay out there but it's coming in low. The other one is here. It's in the Carib and is expected to be in the Gulf this weekend. And the follow on is the hurricane preparedness meeting is tonight at the Club House. Time to get up to speed. Don't forget to pick up a windshield sticker!

We got some hole filled in our missing Islanders so the report will be scattered around 05 and 06. I hope you enjoy. BTW I think I identified Doris Stafford incorrectly a few issues ago. I think I changed her last name to Sanders because Darlene Sanders was always in the news also. Doris Sanders lives here now, On East Shore. Sorry Doris(s).

Once upon a time yours truly called Austin and asked if there was a record for the longest golf cart parade. I don't remember the young ladies name that looked it up for me but she was very helpful. She called me back a few days later and let me know there was nothing on the books. We took several pictures of our 4th of July parade, counted 79 buggies and sent that info to Austin to claim the record. It's been 10 years and I have no idea if it still stands but whats say we go for more this year? Spread the word.
Our first National Night Out was in 06. That was when it was held in August. Pretty sure that was the last one. Who thought it was a good idea to stand on black asphalt in August in Texas. Fail. Pretty sure the hot dogs cooked themselves. Now we do it in October. Win. The first movement to include Lazy Bend in the Civic Club is happening. 05 saw us running from Rita. What a mess that was but it was a great learning experience. When they tell you to leave. Leave. Lots of talk about expanding the ETJ and the Parks are going wild with the rollout of Jarboe Park. Club membership was at 260. George Kesseler had the record with 262. I'm pretty sure Kelly reset that record. The Scholarship fund reached their goal of $2,000. There's a great story from Greg, "The King of Clear Lake Shores" about buggie safety and how to get one out of the lake.
More tomorrow. I gotta mow and it's about to get warm.
Recognize anyone?

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