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Monday, June 5, 2017

It's National Veggie Burger Day

I know, I know but before you delete this link here me out. I used to cook with the Space Cadet Cookers. We made a few rounds, collected a few trophies and even landed back to back First Place wins at Yaga's Wild Game Cook off. For quite a few years we cooked for MS-150 teams in various configurations until it ended up being Team Mission Control. When you're cooking for that many folks there's gonna be a vegetarian or 12 in the crowd of hundreds. We used great big Portobello, rubbed a little olive oil on 'em and grilled them just like the burgers and folks loved them. Even the twitchy ones who asked us not to use the same tongs we used on the beef. Seriously. A lightly grilled tomato slice, lettuce a little salt and pepper (or Scooter Spice) l and let me tell you brother that made one hell of a burger!

Or you can go with Moonshine Day.

Islander 2006 saw the start of the Scholarship Fund with all the proceeds from the soup cook. We lost a long time mover and shaker on he Island. I'm pretty sure she had lived on the Island longer than anyone else at the time. She didn't pass away though, she was made to leave her home by local forces, some familial, some political. We bid adieu to the original Duck Lady, Doris Stafford. We had a groundbreaking ceremony for Jarboe Park. There is another movement afoot about a community pool and a walking path around the Island and "The King of Clear Lake Shores" put a fresh  coat of paint on the Sundial at what used to be Melvin Rouff Park.
A few of us pulled off our first Spaghetti Night but it was over at Stewart Elementary. It still worked. And there was another great tory from Buzz. And last but not least neighbor Chuck Finnerty organized a book collection and with help from the Rotary Books for the world they got shipped off to Africa if memory serves.

And then there's this. I'm not gonna say just another moron in California but...

A woman is suing the makers of Jelly Belly jelly beans, claiming she was tricked into believing one of the company's candy products was free of sugar.

The plaintiff, Jessica Gomez of San Bernadino County, first brought the case against the candy company earlier this year, blaming "fancy phrasing" for her confusion over the ingredients..

Tomorrow I'll post my two cents on Emma Long Park.

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