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Monday, May 22, 2017

Today, A boating story

This is for the boaters out there in and out of the Yachting Capitol of Texas.
There was a blurb I came across in one of the old Islanders and it rattled awake some sleepy old memory cells.  A few weeks back I mentioned a odd sailboat and some of the things I knew about it. After talking to some folks in the know I found out "Slingshot" spent several weeks here on the Island getting some fine tuning done. It was in town to set the sailing speed record and one of our neighbors was in on the ground floor. WITHOUT LOOKING at the captions can you spot him? For you noobs he lives on CLR at Forest.

Mike Zuteck, Olaf Harken, Peter Harken, Jan Gougeon, Dan Reichelsdorfer, Ron Sherry and John Maudlin
Some of you may recognize John Maudlin too or at least the name, I've met a couple of his kids but not him.

In the summer of '85, May if I remember right. The plan was to run for the record on the leeward side of the Texas City Dike. I will attest to the fact that this sonofabitch  looked like it was doing 4 knots while it was tied to the pier at Legend Point. A speed record seemed like a walk in the park.

But as luck would have it Mother Nature intervened. As best as I can remember it was a weather phenomenon like I had never seen before or since. It was some sort of cyclonic storm that came at the bay from the north west. When it caught up with our boys in Texas City it broke their boat.

You can read a lot more at the link below.

Ready for a jam packed weekend? You better be. It's gonna start somewhere, sometime Friday afternoon and won't let up until Tuesday. And with all that said all I ask is that at some point in the festivities you stop, take 10 seconds and think about what this holiday is really about. Just 10 seconds.

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Chris Clodfelter said...

I had no idea the great designer/sailor/chemist Jan Gougeon visited the area. Thanks for sharing the story.