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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Been there....
May 9 recognizes a fun and unique holiday, National Lost Sock Memorial Day. It is time to say “good-bye” to all of the single socks, the ones where their mates have been lost to the unknown. Where do all the missing socks go? Is there a washing machine heaven? This is a question that people have been trying to solve for many centuries. An answer may never be found to this problem, and life will go on. How sad to have lost such a close-knit friend!

Now is the time to let go and move on. Clean out all of your left behind socks. Make sock puppets or recycle those old socks by reusing them as dust rags! Say your final goodbyes to your lost socks using #LostSockMemorialDay.

1982 is in the can. Did you know that Okies YardHouse used to be the Hair Salon used to be Mike's Tavern? The circle of life or mere coincidence? I think not. Our then Building inspector condemned 9, count 'em 9 houses on the Island. They were told to clean up, fix up or tear it down. Wow. There was an ad for the Wine Cellar bar. Anyone ever heard of it? There was no address. We got the Corps permission to bulkhead the Island from Rouf Park (test) to Shell Bottom. The Club sponsored the building of the Gazebo at Deep Hole park. The most interesting item was the mention of Laural Street. We don't have a Laural. It talks about getting rid of Laural and making it a canal with access to the creek between Rosewood and East Shore? The Flounder pond is my only guess. You've heard me tell of when E. Shore was awash at high tide there. Interesting.

Sounds like there will be a crawfish boil off on Memorial weekend if the Club can find a chair. This is a good time to step up.

Drag Race News. There will be tickets for sale so the crowd can vote with their wallets. Yep. Peoples Choice. More as I get it. popints for how many of your neighbors you can identify.
Hint for you noobs, This is before Ike...

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Anonymous said...

I have heard about a street under flounder pond or somewhere in that vicinity. This, however, begs a deeper and darker mystery....where was the 'K' street??