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Monday, May 8, 2017


National Coconut Cream Pie Day......mmmmmmmmm

Happy Monday. Neighbor Eva Thatch won Yard of the Month in May of '81. That's when she was still on Ivy. And there was only her house. And Barn. And not the three big houses that are there now. Thanks to the Civic Club the City raised enough money to build a pier at Shell Bottom Park. It cost $2,700 and change. For a donation of $26 you could buy a foot of pier.
This is for you old timers. Remember Darlene Saunders? If you ever had the pleasure to meet her you met a true Island treasure. Hardly an Islander goes to print without mentioning two people who made a difference and she is one of them. Remember when she used to go house to house, door to door selling tickets to event after event. The Turkey Dinner, to fight MS, donations for parks and on and on. She lived in a little house on Clear Lake Road, East side somewhere in the 215 area. It's a vacant lot now. More precisely a back yard. Darlene was a ward of the County. In the early aughts she was "sent" for a "hearing" of sorts. While she was away a storm came through and dropped a tree on her house. A house which was decorated with everything you can imagine. As was the fence and the garage. Everything you can imagine. Darlene never met a plastic flower she didn't love. Mayor McIntyre asked for volunteers to help clear the debris and tend to a few things so it would be nice when Darlene came home. We had a yard full and it didn't take long to spruce the place up. Too bad Darlene never got to see it. I'm not going to pretend I know how that system works but me and a whole lot of others will go to our graves wondering just what the hell happened there. C'est La Vie.

Oh the other name is Buzz Larrabee. These are people we need more of and less of the Facebook bullshit.

Have you tried Cloud Eggs yet? You will.

watched this little cutie waddle across Pine and through my yard headed towards Heathers. He's about the size of my hand tail and all. And the 'coons are really getting bust under the house. Time for a varmint trap...

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Scott said...

I remember Doris. Didn't the McIntyres end up with the house? Interesting.

And when did you guys start allowing short term rentals on the Island?

And I love how he references the Food park as a thing to do even though he is trying his hardest to shut it down. Hypocritical idiot.