Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Monday, April 3, 2017

National Find a Rainbow Day.

A spectrum of light in the form of a multicolored arc, appearing in the sky, is caused by both reflection and refraction of light in water droplets in the Earth’s atmosphere. These rainbows always appear directly opposite of the sun. The light is refracted (bent) when it enters a droplet of water, then is reflected inside on the back of the droplet and refracted again when leaving it.

Red is the color that is visible on the outer part of a rainbow and violet on the inside of a primary rainbow. Children learn in science class the mnemonic ROYGBIV to help them to remember the sequence of colors in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Many forms of airborne water can cause rainbows including, rain, mist, spray and dew.

No City agenda yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Civic Club votes on new officers this Thursday. Be there! I'm voting for P Duff!

An insurance tale.
We moved all our coverage to Allstate a couple of years ago. House, Cars, Boats and golf cart. This tale starts there. It seems to move your flood insurance you can only switch companys' when the renewal date is at hand. OK, we'll wait until December. Come December Allstate says let's do this. All we need is a copy of your elevation certificate. This should not have been the problem it was. First I called the City, just because they were handy and who knows right? No joy. Next call? Maxim. Maxim has not one clue. This is the biggest reason we are moving to Allstate. We had been using Maxim or I should say we were paying them. For the better part of ten years there was zero communication on their part. After Ike I called to find out what to do and they said don't call us, call your insurance company. I could be mistaken but I'm fairly certain they couldn't even provide a number. Moving on. I call Fidelity. In March of 2010, to get the last payment from my Fidelity to pay for raising the house they need a bunch of paperwork and rightly so. I faxed 12 plus pages of stages of the lift, the bldg inspectors sign off and a copy of the new elevation certificate. 
Turns out Fidelity got out of the flood bidness some time ago and sold all their stuff to Wright National Flood. Fine. I'll call Wright. When Wright tells me they haz no copy of my elevation certificate all sorts of flags go up. FINE! I'll just contact the outfit that did the elevation cert in the first f'in place. After too many calls to Chris Trusky and company with all assurances that they will find it a call me back ending with exactly shit. That begins the search for the elusive elevation certificate. Motherofgod....

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