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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Take a walk in the park day

Sounds like a plan. But seriously our whole city is a park am I right? Sorry I missed yesterday. It was National Vietnam Veteran's Day. yes I am that old. To all my fellow Vets. I won't miss it again.

Happy birthday to my favorite RockGod, Eric Clapton. He's 72.  Derek & the Dominos, The Eric Clapton Band, The Blues Breakers with John Mayall, Cream, Blind Faith, The Yardbirds, The Plastic Ono Band, just to name a few. Now if you're one of his 5 or so kids what do you get dear old Dad for his birthday? Puzzle me that one. 

From my rain guage. Why does my spellchecker think that's a typo?

Any of you folks on CLR call WCID 12 to tell them they alarm has been going off since yesterday? 

Ever hear of a Flash Drought? Me either. Seems they're having one in New Mexico though.

My son loves his cartoons. It's not Bugs or Porky or even Popeye. It's not even new. Remember Speed Racer? Same anime style only waaaaay more cleavage. I'd even go with soft porn for some of them. That led to "The talk" as it pertains to the kid magnet in the living room, our iMac. We have content filters in place both on the browser and on our antivirus software. I think it's enough. I hope it's enough. We check the tracks every now and then and so far there's no sigh of any hanky panky. There is always that extra step in an external firewall appliance. We talked about how easy it is to end up in the wrong place on the Internet. And Lord knows it's easy enough. Given that pesky Y chromosome, and teenage boy hormones you need to be real careful folks. One wrong click of a stupid mouse button can mean a lifetime of having to check "Yes" on "Have you ever been convicted of a felony" on a job application. Dad, Mom,  read that again, A Lifetime. If you're a teenager that' a long, long time. Worst case scenario? you get to put a sign in your yard warning about the sexual predator that lives here. That'll go over well with the neighbors. Mull that over for a minute. Over a click on a mouse button. Short version? Boys do stupid shit. Always have, always will. That's how civilization adapts. Grog "Thork, I'm going to go live in that cave" Thork "Dude there's a big ass bear in there" Grog "Not a prob, he's only ten feet tall and I have a pointy stick" Thork "That's all true but..." Grog " Hold my beer".....
Boys and boobies. That's the real never-ending story. Protect your kids from themselves. It's YOUR job! Think of it like cabinet locks for teenagers. 


Susan Hargis said...

Totally with you on Eric, he's the MAN!!!

Anonymous said...

Coz it's spelt "gauge"