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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Right up my

Alley, It's National Goof Off Day! Before we get to the good stuff here's a recap of last night's City Council meeting.
A couple of reps from CCISD were there to give a sales pitch on the new bond election coming up. Good news, if you're over 65 no tax hike for you. Bad news, well see the previous statement. In all fairness it sounds like a good thing going the mind boggling growth of Galveston County. If you've lived here for more than 6 or 7 years you know what I'm talking about. Find out more at CCISD.EDU
A Veterans Memorial being fronted by Councilman Solmansson has the OK and is moving fwd.
Councilwoman and Mayor pro tem Fenwick Wants everyone to get ready for Lemonade Day. It's on the 26th, this Sunday.
When's the last time you drove down Grove? Time to rejoice, the Speed humps have been reduced. You no longer need oxygen to get over them.
The city is working to replace all the burnt out Street lights.
There was no one from the Civic Club to give any news.
J Scott Jr. was there to report on ongoing shenanigans at the bot ramp.
All the waterfront lease issues were resolved and the EDC/Sidewalk Brands issue has been tabled pending review. Oh and the second May meeting has been moved to Monday the 15th to accommodate the "election".

So, here I am finishing up a power washing job for a neighbor when I notice all these tiny little shadows dancing on the slab. I look up to see what the heck is going on and...Honey Bees. LOTS of Honey bees. I called the neighbor down to point out her new guests and yes, she has known about them for weeks but was uncertain how to deal with them.
We discussed the many issues that could cause problems and it was decided to call in the pros. Well after a tad over three hours approximately 40,000, read that number again, bees and 26 honey combs were removed.
That took care of most of them but some stragglers have been hanging around wondering where everyone is. They'll find a new hangout no doubt. Or mosey on to honeybee heaven. It was pointed out that when bees move in (right between the stringers) they will mess up insulation for starts then commence to build a sticky, sticky mess.
Recognize that neighbor in the first pic? He's telling the guys in the bunny suits to be careful no doubt. Here's what happens when you are he one without a bunny suit. POW! right in the kisser!! That'll learn ya.

Here's a few numbers to call if you ever have the need.

Rhonda Webb
Cell: (832) 285-2708
Dickinson TX 77539
Free swarm removal within 20 miles from Dickinson. Further out gas allowance/tip appreciated. No cut outs of structures. Will remove bees safely and relocate to a good home.

James Stone
Cell: (409) 795-8671
Santa Fe TX 77517
TX Department of Agriculture licensed Apiary. Free swarm capture, removals for fee, can do limited reconstruction. Free phone/text estimates. Service call fees applied to removal. Call and leave msg if no answer or text with particulars.

Scott Jennifer
The Bee Wrangler
Alvin TX 77511
Cell: 832-248-8313
Swarm removal – 60.00 Bee relocation-from homes you keep your honey – 120-300 depending on location. Trees with bees can be relocated by cutting limb along with tree service on “bee trees” in co-operation with Andrew at I keep bees with NO chemicals in hives or corn syrup/sugar fed to bees. Honey sold to Zelko Bistro in Houston only. This is my only business and I CARE. Insects are our allies, all insects. I relocate wasps as well.


soleil_amour said...

Here's another bee keeper number. Shawn Kennedy 832-971-2085. He's the one I used and yes it was me (521 Pine) that had the bee infestation. My poor dog has been bit twice and bee keeper is headed back to round up the few angry stragglers. Good news is vet said to give him Benadryl to my dog and not to worry unless it starts swelling.

CM said...

Thanks Allan for sharing those bee removal numbers. Remove, don't kill!!!! No bees= no food!