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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hump Day

Daylight savings is right around the corner. I'm ready.

This goes squarely under " drain the swamp Mr. President"
I choose to believe that our last President would not wire tap the competition. Yes he was not his personal competition but he was anyhow. I like to think that we and by that I mean our elected officials are above that. We are supposed to play fair. Except in love and war. It's not that we're above cheating and God knows there's a precedent, right Chancellor Merkel ? What I do believe is that Our current President is up to his hips in liars and political ne'er do wells. I believe there are too many of these assholes that will do anything they can to mess things up. I believe it will not stop until they start going to jail. I also believe it wont' stop until Mr. Trump finds the plug. Don't just wiggle it loose Mr. President. Jerk the sonofabitch out and throw it away and drain the swamp/sewer. It's time to move on.

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Anonymous said...

The swamp is congress and the lobbyists that have congress in their pockets. I'll bet you and your loyal readers want to drain the swamp but didn't vote against your congressman in either the primary or general. Trump can't jerk that plug, voters have to do it.

He is surrounded by liars? Interesting that you neglect to mention his constant lying. Culture is driven from the top. The people that he is surrounded by aren't the swamp that he promised to drain, they are people that he brought into the administration. Career gvmt employees aren't politicians or appointees. Obviously they are going to lean left or right, but they have jobs like you and me. Think about what/who really needs to change. Slogans don't change things, votes do.