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Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Paddy's Day y'all

Went to see Capt. Dennis for a boat ride while we in Jamaica. Went for a boat ride last time too.
The good Captain and his crew go out of their way to make this trip a ✭✭✭✭✭ adventure. We board at Treasure Beach, if you're lucky you not only get to start at Eggy's Bar but you get to meet Eggy. He makes the 90 minute trip from Cave worth it. Climb aboard one of Capt Dennis' 30 foot Panga's
and it's off to your own private beach to spend your time however you choose.
Due to weather last year we couldn't make the Pelican Bar. This trip we were good, So upon arrival at the beach Capt D offers a side trip to the Pelican Bar while his crew works on lunch.

Out in the bay, buy what you want and the beer is cold. What else could a man ask for. The only thing I see missing is a CLS sticker or two and that will be corrected on my next trip. If you beat me there let me know and I'll provide the sticker.
This is Dan Dan and Bert. A couple of local cab drivers.
After a couple of cool ones and a few pics lunch is ready so it's back to our beach.
Lunch starts with a crab meat medley served on Almond leaves. Followed up with a freshly grilled lobster, rice and peas which we call beans and rice, curry lobster, festival and some other yummy stuff that I can't recall.
More than I could eat and all off the chart yummy.

If you take the trip watch for dolphin and manatee along the way. Back to Eggy's and one for the road.
Met O'Neill this trip. Not sure of the spelling.
A Rasta friend living with Pete next to the School. He caught the crocodile that was in the creek right next to the school. Need I say the croc was freaking out the teacher. O'Neal to the rescue. I should have grabbed a pic of the croc. It was a little over 4 feet long. A little bigger than O'Neil himself. Here's a pic of Pete.
 Pete works at a bank in Savannah-La-Mar. In his off time, like us, He cooks. He made dinner for us the next day. It looked like this.

Thats just the chicken part of it. I was too busy eating to get pics of the pork, fish, and salad stuff. 
Now, wipe the drool off your chin and go do something green. 
This one's for you McNamara.

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