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Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy Go Texan Day!

Y’all! What the heck is Go Texan Day you ask? It’s the official kickoff for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. If you’re in a car anywhere near downtown Houston you can expect travel delays to allow for one of more than a dozen trail rides to work their way to Memorial Park. The longest ride, are you ready for this? Starts in the Valley. It’s over 350 miles. The oldest Trail Rider is about 67 years old. Historically they have really crappy weather. I am tickled to say this year has been very good weather wise. The parade will most likely get rained on tomorrow but what the heck, that’s tomorrow. Welcome to Houston Y’all! YeeHaw!

It’s also National Anthem Day

Bought me a new smoker yesterday. It’s a Oklahoma Joe’s offset. I bought it un-assembled just so I could put it together. Hell, that’s half the fun. The instructions were easy enough to follow and from start to stop was a little over an hour. The instructions state on several pages to get help because the bastard has some heavy part. I did get my ass handed to me by the firebox. Twice. But I won. I am really impressed by the speed that it heats up and how easy it is to control the heat. Can’t wait to smoke something. It’ll have to wait till I get back from Jamaica though.

The Civic Club meeting was nice and short last night. No one stepped up to host anything for St. Patricks Day. Oh well. They are looking for a few new officers. Prez, VP and Sec are up and Eileen has agreed to stay on as Treasurer. Think about folks. It really is a lot of fun.

Anyone paying attention to our new Attorney General? Not sure I agree with his decision to recuse himself right now but I am glad to see that after 8 years we finally have an AG with the moral spine to do the right thing. The fact that Pelosi and Schumer are calling for him to resign tells me he’s a good guy. If we could get a belch out of Reid it would be the trifecta of leftist slime. When the CNN Oped page tells you not to hold your breath then I’m pretty sure you’re just slinging the same old shit you wallow in. POS. 


Anonymous said...

Sessions' announcement came amid questions over his contact with the Russian ambassador in 2016. Both a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a Trump campaign surrogate, the Washington Post reported Wednesday that Sessions had met twice with Sergey Kislyak last year, after saying in his confirmation hearing, "[I] did not have communications with the Russians." Sessions maintains he did not discuss the presidential campaign with Kislyak and did nothing wrong, but that he decided to recuse himself anyway. "I should not be involved in investigating a campaign I had a role in," he said Thursday.

So the guy went and talked to the Russians, you remember the Russians right? Our enemy for as long as you can remember. - Then he went before THE SENATE and lied and said, nope, I didn't talk to no russies.

And you think this is a good guy? He lied to the senate during his confirmation hearing. Under oath. The Senate of the USA. He lied. How is he a good guy?

Susan Hargis said...

nothing but a witch hunt, for those poor liberals who can't believe that Hillary didn't win, and oh yeah, didn't she sell all our uranimum to them. Tempest in a teapot to stop Trump's agenda. The liberals have had meetings with the ambassador too.

Anonymous said...

I bet you don't know what a "liberal" is.
You should say - "the people that I don't agree with have had meetings with the ambassador too." In which case one would reply, yes. you are correct. However those meetings were public knowledge and those people that you don't agree with didn't go before the Senate and lie about it. It's not a witch hunt if there is actually a bad guy involved. Lying to the Senate during your confirmation hearing is simply that - lying. Do your "conservative values" condone that?
Or, will you not answer the question and divert the discussion to an election that took place last year?

Susan Hargis said...

And who is anonymous?