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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Goooooooooood Morning Clear Lake Shores!

What an awesome week it was. And the foooooooooood. Most of you know I'm talking about our trip to Cave, Westmoreland, Jamaica and the Alsie Brown Early Learning Inst. This is what we accomplished last year.
This year was a tad more involved. The bldgs were begging for a paint job. The front utility bldg is concrete which had it's own quirks but the school house was the real challenge. That wood was so dry it sucked the paint off my brush as I approached the bldg. Yet, we persisted. Wink. This is what we started with. 
This is what we left. Team CLS did an awesome job eh?
That is the concrete utility bldg and here is a shot of the school house. I mistakenly referred to the portraits as the Jamaican Presidents and was informed the are referred to as the Heroes. My Bad.
This year we took reinforcements with us to spread the work load. the boys did a great job and even kept Bryan busy with "what else can I paint?" Our Island Boys even stepped up to watch over the kids during recess so Team Adams could teach the teachers on proper recorder technique. Not sure who had more fun.
Most of us got to the Great House Chebuctoo on Wednesday just after sunset and settled in for cocktails on the porch. 
The reason we were late was the mandatory stop at Border Jerk on the Parish line at Westmoreland. This is a mandatory stop or better yet make it a destination. Just don't go out back. There is a Mastiff the size of a freakin' pony and his job is to discourage/eat trespassers. You have been so advised. 

The weather cut us some slack and we got a lot done the next morning so it was off to Luna Sea Inn in Bluefields. It is on the beaten path and damn sure worth the stop. Really good eats and a drop dead location. Dr. Linda owns the place and is there most of the time. They even have cabanas for rent and their own beach. So if you're on that end of the Island make this a stop. Note, the lobster is cheaper than the pasta. If you are in a hurry remember, you are not the only one on Island Time.

Back to bidness. This just in from Bryan Hoerner. 
"Great new for the Okies Corner project!  On Tuesday the EDC voted 3-2 in favor of full funding for both Phase 2 and Phase 3.  There was some initial talk about only approving partial funding and taking a wait and see approach for the rest, but instead the project is now fully funded and can proceed full steam ahead.

The finished project will add the following to the current bar and bathroom facility already known as Okies Yardhouse:

Outdoor Bar
Entry Tower with Seating
Mixed Use Kiosk

Nice job, EDC.  The entertainment and revenue potential of that very important piece of city owned property will finally come to fruition."

Ever hear of Callaloo? Stand by.......

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Susan Hargis said...

Yes, have had callaloo.

Loved reading your excellent travels. Good on all you guys/ladies/younger one's etc for making such a difference in peoples lives, and having a great time doing it too.

It's too sad that the government is so corrupt to do anything for the local people. But that's the way it is....tourism dollars do not go where they need to be.