Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Friday, March 31, 2017

Out Like a ...

Happy Friday and what better way to celebrate National Tater Day!
Baked – Boiled – Steamed – Roasted – Mashed – Fried – Grilled – Scalloped – French Fries – Cottage Fries – Hash Browns – In Stew – In Soup – Potato Salad – Potato Dumplings – Potato Pancakes.
Your pick. This day may have originally had a different meaning.  At the beginning of April, there is a celebration of the sweet potato (Tater Day) in parts of Kentucky.  Sweet potatoes are one of the main cash crops in that area.  Tater Day started way back in the early 1840s with the trading and selling of sweet potatoes.  It is the oldest continuous trade day in the United States.

My Pal Jim turned me onto a better way of baking spuds years ago and I haven't wrapped one in foil since. Coat them with a nice olive oil, Apply your favorite rub or spice. If you eat the skins like we do this is your desert. Put them on the grill at 400 for about an hour and yum.
Day started off great with this discovery. It's over by the new Cabela's on 45.

Not open yet but it won't be long.
Coasting into a gorgeous Friday with a Whataburger jalapeno Cheese biscuit and sausage sandwich for breakfast and enjoying life. Stop at Target for a few weekends essentials like Blue Bell and ribs. Grab a basket, heading into the first aisle, look down and BINGO! Instant Buzz kill. This is to the person who left this in the basket,

A nice shout out Galveston County Sheriffs Office. Wyatt and I were in the process of putting the Mako back in the water and came upon said GalCo Deputy at the boat ramp. From his pick up he woooop-woooped a small run about in the channel and pulled them over for throwing a huge wake! Atta Boy GCSO!! He asked if we were interested in a courtesy safety inspection and afterwords pointed out that I was missing my fire extinguisher. A phone call latter and new fire extinguisher is on board.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Take a walk in the park day

Sounds like a plan. But seriously our whole city is a park am I right? Sorry I missed yesterday. It was National Vietnam Veteran's Day. yes I am that old. To all my fellow Vets. I won't miss it again.

Happy birthday to my favorite RockGod, Eric Clapton. He's 72.  Derek & the Dominos, The Eric Clapton Band, The Blues Breakers with John Mayall, Cream, Blind Faith, The Yardbirds, The Plastic Ono Band, just to name a few. Now if you're one of his 5 or so kids what do you get dear old Dad for his birthday? Puzzle me that one. 

From my rain guage. Why does my spellchecker think that's a typo?

Any of you folks on CLR call WCID 12 to tell them they alarm has been going off since yesterday? 

Ever hear of a Flash Drought? Me either. Seems they're having one in New Mexico though.

My son loves his cartoons. It's not Bugs or Porky or even Popeye. It's not even new. Remember Speed Racer? Same anime style only waaaaay more cleavage. I'd even go with soft porn for some of them. That led to "The talk" as it pertains to the kid magnet in the living room, our iMac. We have content filters in place both on the browser and on our antivirus software. I think it's enough. I hope it's enough. We check the tracks every now and then and so far there's no sigh of any hanky panky. There is always that extra step in an external firewall appliance. We talked about how easy it is to end up in the wrong place on the Internet. And Lord knows it's easy enough. Given that pesky Y chromosome, and teenage boy hormones you need to be real careful folks. One wrong click of a stupid mouse button can mean a lifetime of having to check "Yes" on "Have you ever been convicted of a felony" on a job application. Dad, Mom,  read that again, A Lifetime. If you're a teenager that' a long, long time. Worst case scenario? you get to put a sign in your yard warning about the sexual predator that lives here. That'll go over well with the neighbors. Mull that over for a minute. Over a click on a mouse button. Short version? Boys do stupid shit. Always have, always will. That's how civilization adapts. Grog "Thork, I'm going to go live in that cave" Thork "Dude there's a big ass bear in there" Grog "Not a prob, he's only ten feet tall and I have a pointy stick" Thork "That's all true but..." Grog " Hold my beer".....
Boys and boobies. That's the real never-ending story. Protect your kids from themselves. It's YOUR job! Think of it like cabinet locks for teenagers. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

National Joe Day

Enjoy a cup of “joe” with all of your friends named Joe, Jo, Joette, Joey, Joseph, Josephine, Johanna, Joann, Jodie or any variant of the name Joe every year on March 27th, National Joe Day.
According to the Social Security Administration, the name Joseph was ranked No. 6 from 1893 to 1899 behind John, William, James, George, and Charles.  In 1910, it moved to No. 5.  From 1911 to 2005 it was ranked No. 12 or lower.
I don't remember the last time I voted for any candidate because they had a (R) behind their name. And the last three days of bullshit in the news is why. They can't get anything done. Go back 15 years or so. Nothing comes to mind. Not since George the Second was on TV hugging Ol' Fat Ted. I'm pretty sure I've posted here before that I admire the Democrats for their ability to stick together to get stuff done. I loath their politics and most of their so called leaders make me want to vomit but by God they can move their agenda forward.  
Not so much the Repubs. If you're honest with yourself you have to admit their so called leaders are pretty much useless. They just bobbled the promise they have been screeching about for 6 plus years. I am not holding the Prez solely responsible for this mess but since he is the "head" of the party he gets a big fat NO oon my Trump-O-Meter. The rest of you (R) punkin' heads best get your shit in one sock or you're done. 

Civic Club Meeting Thursday Evening. 7:00 for pizza 7:30 for the meeting and voting in of new slate of officers. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

It's Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

and Happy Friday y'all!

It's crawfish season so where are we?

Eatin'! One of my favorite byproducts is the potato salad I make with the leftover spuds. Make you slap yo momma!

Hot off the wire. Get ready for the Regatta! Put on your rememberin' hat. That was the name of the restaurant before it was the Sundance Grill. Well that's what Seabrook Shipyard is building on the newly cleaned off spot! They are set to break ground next month and opening is slated for July next yer. How cool is that?!

Points if you know what this is.
Time to get my boat back in the water. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Right up my

Alley, It's National Goof Off Day! Before we get to the good stuff here's a recap of last night's City Council meeting.
A couple of reps from CCISD were there to give a sales pitch on the new bond election coming up. Good news, if you're over 65 no tax hike for you. Bad news, well see the previous statement. In all fairness it sounds like a good thing going the mind boggling growth of Galveston County. If you've lived here for more than 6 or 7 years you know what I'm talking about. Find out more at CCISD.EDU
A Veterans Memorial being fronted by Councilman Solmansson has the OK and is moving fwd.
Councilwoman and Mayor pro tem Fenwick Wants everyone to get ready for Lemonade Day. It's on the 26th, this Sunday.
When's the last time you drove down Grove? Time to rejoice, the Speed humps have been reduced. You no longer need oxygen to get over them.
The city is working to replace all the burnt out Street lights.
There was no one from the Civic Club to give any news.
J Scott Jr. was there to report on ongoing shenanigans at the bot ramp.
All the waterfront lease issues were resolved and the EDC/Sidewalk Brands issue has been tabled pending review. Oh and the second May meeting has been moved to Monday the 15th to accommodate the "election".

So, here I am finishing up a power washing job for a neighbor when I notice all these tiny little shadows dancing on the slab. I look up to see what the heck is going on and...Honey Bees. LOTS of Honey bees. I called the neighbor down to point out her new guests and yes, she has known about them for weeks but was uncertain how to deal with them.
We discussed the many issues that could cause problems and it was decided to call in the pros. Well after a tad over three hours approximately 40,000, read that number again, bees and 26 honey combs were removed.
That took care of most of them but some stragglers have been hanging around wondering where everyone is. They'll find a new hangout no doubt. Or mosey on to honeybee heaven. It was pointed out that when bees move in (right between the stringers) they will mess up insulation for starts then commence to build a sticky, sticky mess.
Recognize that neighbor in the first pic? He's telling the guys in the bunny suits to be careful no doubt. Here's what happens when you are he one without a bunny suit. POW! right in the kisser!! That'll learn ya.

Here's a few numbers to call if you ever have the need.

Rhonda Webb
Cell: (832) 285-2708
Dickinson TX 77539
Free swarm removal within 20 miles from Dickinson. Further out gas allowance/tip appreciated. No cut outs of structures. Will remove bees safely and relocate to a good home.

James Stone
Cell: (409) 795-8671
Santa Fe TX 77517
TX Department of Agriculture licensed Apiary. Free swarm capture, removals for fee, can do limited reconstruction. Free phone/text estimates. Service call fees applied to removal. Call and leave msg if no answer or text with particulars.

Scott Jennifer
The Bee Wrangler
Alvin TX 77511
Cell: 832-248-8313
Swarm removal – 60.00 Bee relocation-from homes you keep your honey – 120-300 depending on location. Trees with bees can be relocated by cutting limb along with tree service on “bee trees” in co-operation with Andrew at I keep bees with NO chemicals in hives or corn syrup/sugar fed to bees. Honey sold to Zelko Bistro in Houston only. This is my only business and I CARE. Insects are our allies, all insects. I relocate wasps as well.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

All about the Bees and the

Folks who get them out of your house!

oopsies. Here's tonites City Council agenda

Vern Johnson, Mayor Diana Hoerner
S. Bud Solmonsson


REGULAR MEETING March 21, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
Amanda Fenwick, Mayor Pro Tem Mike McNamara Jan Bailey
NOTICE is hereby given of a Regular Meeting of the City Council for the City of Clear Lake Shores, County of Galveston, State of Texas, to be held on the above mentioned date and time at the Club House, 931 Cedar Road, Clear Lake Shores, Texas, for the purpose of considering the following numbered items. The City Council of the City of Clear Lake Shores, Texas, reserves the right to meet in a closed council session on any of the below items should the need arise and if applicable pursuant to authorization by Title 5, Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code.
  3. Clear Creek ISD Bond presentation
    Councilwoman Hoerner Councilman McNamara Councilman Solmonsson Councilwoman Bailey Mayor Pro Tem Fenwick Mayor Johnson
    City Administrator George Jones Chief Cook
    Building Official Kevin Harrell

    Roads and Drainage
    Planning and Zoning
    Economic Development Corporation
    Waterfront Compliance
    Parks and Pool Committee
    Landscape and Beautification Advisory Committee

    1. Check Register: March 2nd thru March 15, 2017
    2. Minutes from Regular Meeting held March 6, 2017
  10. COUNCIL BUSINESS - Discussion and possible action may be taken on the following items:

(City Administrator George Jones)
b. Action from Public Hearing on possible revocation of the following waterfront leases for non-compliance:
1. F-149A: 2. E-124B: 3. D-089: 4. C-080: 5. C-061B: 6. B-052B: 7. B-026C: 8. B-025B: 9. B-022: 10.A-012A:
Missing Lease Numbers - Michael Calpakis Street Markers - Abberdean White
Fill - Walter Caldwell, Jr.
Missing Lease Numbers

Missing Lease Numbers Missing Lease Numbers Missing Lease Numbers Missing Lease Numbers Missing Lease Numbers Fill - Charles Thompson
- Nancy Schwartz
- Dottie Cottingham - Cheryl Coward
- Randall Chronister - Randall Chronister - William Comee IV

c. Ratify an amendment to the Economic Development and Management Agreement between the City of Clear Lake Shores, Clear Lake Shores Economic Development Corporation, Plaza Ten 06 Corporation and Sidewalk Brands, LLC wherein the Clear Lake Shores Economic Development Corporation approved additional funds for the project in the amount of $533,000.00. (City Administrator George Jones)
d. Approve changing the date of the 2nd Regular Council meeting in May to Monday the 15th. (City Administrator George Jones)
I, Angie Galvan, Assistant City Secretary, certify that this Notice of Meeting was posted on the outside bulletin board at 931 Cedar Drive on or before Friday, March 17, 2017. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy First Day of Spring

We are wrapping up our Jamaica week blog with a few odds and ends. Like I said yesterday we took a little side trip to the famous tourist destination of Negril. If you're old you remember Ricks when they didn't take money. Wink Wink. Well we didn't go to ricks and we didn't jump off the cliffs( this time) we went to a cute little beach side watering hole on the main drag. Actually it's he only drag, called . Typical tourist beach bar.

A couple of big birds in bigger cages at the entrance. Charlie and Buddy a Macaw and Cockatoo in that order. Nice beach with lots of access to water sports. Most of the boys went on a little snorkeling adventure. I wish they hadn't stored the snorkel gear with the extra gas cans though. Here's a reality check for me. I have been diving/snorkeling around the planet. I tell everyone I know the saltiest water I have ever been in is Jamaica. How about you?

John Stevens came back with us for a visit to the States.
He's the guy who keeps our touristy butts out of hot water when we go to his country. He works on the school and does other chores at the Great House too. John's oldest daughter is looking for a laptop/tablet to help get her through school as a phlebotomist. If you have one you're not using and would like to sell please drop me or Rick a line or reply here and I'll contact you. Thanks in advance.

I know I mentioned Luna Sea Inn. Did I mention the sunsets?

Here's my shameless Texas A & M plug. You paying attention A & M Admittance Galveston? We're spreading good will with your name on it! Hell, who knows it might be worth an extra point or two...

Well here's a parting shot of the school and the two lead characters that get stuff done. John and Rick. You boy's rock.

Here's two picks from our new best kept secret. Hint, It's in Belmont and we will be back! Hear me King Love? Keep Moses out of my hammock!!

And it's National Ravioli Day to boot.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

National Let's Laugh Day

Always good for a chuckle.
Callaloo is a popular Caribbean dish originating in West Africa served in different variants across the Caribbean. The main ingredient is a leaf vegetable, traditionally either amaranth, taro or xanthosoma. 
Thanks Wiki!
I grew up eating spinach. My Dads favorite. His whole family grew up eating weeds. Collard, Mustard, Dandelion, and Spinach. That's what happens when you are dirt poor in the middle of Arkansas in the 20's. We had it several times a week. I could smell it blocks away and I hated that shit beyond words. You "older" folks out there can relate to "you will eat whats on your plate." So I did. Sandra cooks it up in Jamaica and while it smells different it looks oddly familiar. That said it taste nothing like the boiled green crap I had to endure in my tender years. Readers Digest version, I went back for seconds. Odds are I won't go looking for it here but I will definitely have it if offered. Whodda thunk it. 

YS Falls is a tourist attraction we had in our sights. Anyone been there? It's a working cattle ranch that has the Wyes River running through it and through it's path are about 7 different waterfalls. The Owners, Simon and Dawn, spotted a secondary revenue stream and voila! A picturesque water park is now open to the public. The zip line was the main attraction for most of us but your truly forgot to take his camera 😕

We stopped at the Whitehouse fisherman's Co-Op on the way back. Looking for some yummy, fresh fish for 

Escovitch is the Jamaican version of the Spanish Escabéche (searing of meat or fish and adding to a vinegar salad, served cold or at room temperature). The fish is cooked and then a spicy marinade is added. I've used red snapper but you could use any other firm fish such as rainbow trout. Thanks
Check out there fish traps.

Here's a quick peek at Melinda's suitor. He asked her to marry him. How ya gonna deny this hunk?

Tomorrow, the touristy side of Jamaica. None too shabby but utterly predictable. Time for mudbugs is nigh.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Paddy's Day y'all

Went to see Capt. Dennis for a boat ride while we in Jamaica. Went for a boat ride last time too.
The good Captain and his crew go out of their way to make this trip a ✭✭✭✭✭ adventure. We board at Treasure Beach, if you're lucky you not only get to start at Eggy's Bar but you get to meet Eggy. He makes the 90 minute trip from Cave worth it. Climb aboard one of Capt Dennis' 30 foot Panga's
and it's off to your own private beach to spend your time however you choose.
Due to weather last year we couldn't make the Pelican Bar. This trip we were good, So upon arrival at the beach Capt D offers a side trip to the Pelican Bar while his crew works on lunch.

Out in the bay, buy what you want and the beer is cold. What else could a man ask for. The only thing I see missing is a CLS sticker or two and that will be corrected on my next trip. If you beat me there let me know and I'll provide the sticker.
This is Dan Dan and Bert. A couple of local cab drivers.
After a couple of cool ones and a few pics lunch is ready so it's back to our beach.
Lunch starts with a crab meat medley served on Almond leaves. Followed up with a freshly grilled lobster, rice and peas which we call beans and rice, curry lobster, festival and some other yummy stuff that I can't recall.
More than I could eat and all off the chart yummy.

If you take the trip watch for dolphin and manatee along the way. Back to Eggy's and one for the road.
Met O'Neill this trip. Not sure of the spelling.
A Rasta friend living with Pete next to the School. He caught the crocodile that was in the creek right next to the school. Need I say the croc was freaking out the teacher. O'Neal to the rescue. I should have grabbed a pic of the croc. It was a little over 4 feet long. A little bigger than O'Neil himself. Here's a pic of Pete.
 Pete works at a bank in Savannah-La-Mar. In his off time, like us, He cooks. He made dinner for us the next day. It looked like this.

Thats just the chicken part of it. I was too busy eating to get pics of the pork, fish, and salad stuff. 
Now, wipe the drool off your chin and go do something green. 
This one's for you McNamara.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Goooooooooood Morning Clear Lake Shores!

What an awesome week it was. And the foooooooooood. Most of you know I'm talking about our trip to Cave, Westmoreland, Jamaica and the Alsie Brown Early Learning Inst. This is what we accomplished last year.
This year was a tad more involved. The bldgs were begging for a paint job. The front utility bldg is concrete which had it's own quirks but the school house was the real challenge. That wood was so dry it sucked the paint off my brush as I approached the bldg. Yet, we persisted. Wink. This is what we started with. 
This is what we left. Team CLS did an awesome job eh?
That is the concrete utility bldg and here is a shot of the school house. I mistakenly referred to the portraits as the Jamaican Presidents and was informed the are referred to as the Heroes. My Bad.
This year we took reinforcements with us to spread the work load. the boys did a great job and even kept Bryan busy with "what else can I paint?" Our Island Boys even stepped up to watch over the kids during recess so Team Adams could teach the teachers on proper recorder technique. Not sure who had more fun.
Most of us got to the Great House Chebuctoo on Wednesday just after sunset and settled in for cocktails on the porch. 
The reason we were late was the mandatory stop at Border Jerk on the Parish line at Westmoreland. This is a mandatory stop or better yet make it a destination. Just don't go out back. There is a Mastiff the size of a freakin' pony and his job is to discourage/eat trespassers. You have been so advised. 

The weather cut us some slack and we got a lot done the next morning so it was off to Luna Sea Inn in Bluefields. It is on the beaten path and damn sure worth the stop. Really good eats and a drop dead location. Dr. Linda owns the place and is there most of the time. They even have cabanas for rent and their own beach. So if you're on that end of the Island make this a stop. Note, the lobster is cheaper than the pasta. If you are in a hurry remember, you are not the only one on Island Time.

Back to bidness. This just in from Bryan Hoerner. 
"Great new for the Okies Corner project!  On Tuesday the EDC voted 3-2 in favor of full funding for both Phase 2 and Phase 3.  There was some initial talk about only approving partial funding and taking a wait and see approach for the rest, but instead the project is now fully funded and can proceed full steam ahead.

The finished project will add the following to the current bar and bathroom facility already known as Okies Yardhouse:

Outdoor Bar
Entry Tower with Seating
Mixed Use Kiosk

Nice job, EDC.  The entertainment and revenue potential of that very important piece of city owned property will finally come to fruition."

Ever hear of Callaloo? Stand by.......