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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It's National Gumdrop Day

Not a fan. You? I watched the Westminster Dog Show last night. Truth be told we watch it every time it comes on. I find it better than most of the options on current TV. Congrats to Rumor the German Shepherd for taking best in show! What a beautiful dog. That makes two celeb-ish dogs on the island. Neighbor Steves' Elke is a German Shepherd and Last year's winner was a German Short Hair like Neighbor Marks' pointer. Who knew?

Well, watching the front close in yesterday I sure expected more rain than this.

As much as I hate winter and cold weather I am glad it's February again. 

Here's a question to anyone who reads it. Tree in the forest kinda thing. Do you ever click on the links on the right? Good experiences? Bad experiences? No shits to give? Want me to add a site? lose a site? Just curious.

EDC meeting tomorrow night. They are going to look at phase two of Okies Yard House. 

Happy Birthday to Helen Reddy. I love you.


Alex said...

I don't read or use anything on the right, but I do read your blog posts!

Anonymous said...


Elke thanks you for the recognition! Believe it or not, she was a rescue dog we were fortunate enough to adopt from a local shelter. First 6-9 months she was a bit skittish and if I get my hands on the piece of *&$# that abused her...well, suffice to say, you won't see me eating shrimp or crawfish for a few months. Time heals most wounds and she's one of the best GSDs I have had the honor to call my friend. God bless all the folks who volunteer at our local shelters!

Neighbour Steve