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Friday, February 17, 2017

It's National Cabbage day!

The EDC meeting was …. last night. A lot of talk about sidewalks. Repair of existing and installation of new ones. The sidewalk on the north side of Marina Bay that stops at the new rack n stack is in need of repair and since the folks at Legend Point aren’t in the mood to share their easement a new sidewalk on the south side would need to be built for access to Watergate Marina. The best part of the meeting was discussing phase two of Okies. We got to see the architects vision and it’s pretty much the same as the original with a few “sparkly extras” added. If/when it comes to pass I think it will be quite an addition to our business district. Oh, and Chill is for sale. The guys who are leasing Franks' have cut it loose from the body shop and Frank has a realtor trying to move just the restaurant part. If you’ve ever had a hankering to get into the business now’s the tine. Great location and the plumbing is in. Mostly.

The tree trimmers are back today. Tree slayers is more like it. This is what they did to my neighbors bald cypress. There were two gray squirrel nests in the tree yesterday….
Just me or does that look like shit?

Ready or not here they come! You can get them at next months Civic Club meeting. First come first served.

Carti Gras parade is tomorrow! Followed by a Red Beans and Rice cook-Off Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

I’m giving President Trump his first negative vote(from me) today. In fairness I will acknowledge his fight with the establishment AKA “the Swamp”/ I applaud his efforts and his direction but today he gets a “no” for the perception of a cluster f***. WE know how important perception is, think Little Billy Clinton and the head of the DOJ talking about grand kids. Wink, wink, nod, nod. I have no way of knowing if this is part of his business model but I tend to think not. I tend to think that his business model is more like I’, the boss you do this and you do that and do it now. Like President O did. Remember “I won, get over it”. The difference is this President is trying to do the breast stroke in the swamp. It’s gonna be tough and he’s gonna hafta fire a bunch of Obama’s leftovers to make progress. He has to get rid of them from the ground up. They will never like him, support him or pass on an opportunity to piss in his Post Toasties. And when he finds the source of the leaks someone needs to have their ass thrown in jail. If it has any classified stamps on it it’s a crime. Period. I would point to Hillary but that's a waste of tie. To all you trolls out there please do your homework on the difference between a whistle blower and leaking classified info before posting. As if. 

The Presidents rant against the media hit a lot of high points. How do we fix them? My point being you can’t look at a front page with out reading what a bunch of hate filled xenophobes we are. Everyone not throwing firebombs at Berkley hates Mexicans and Arabs. What a bunch of morons. Not one of those articles uses the word ILLEGAL. Nope. Not even one. I don’t know of one single person who is anti immigration. I do happen to know a bus load who are against ILLEGAL immigration. So how do you fight a dishonest press? I guess we’ll see. 

Dumbest shit I read today? Lena Dunham says she was too attractive for her role in Girls. She’s obviously high. Wait, did she have that interview in Canada? She was leaving if Trump won right? 

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Anonymous said...

I would like to see him do something other than firing up the base with a war on Hillary (not always based on fact), then firing up the base with a war on the media (again not always based on fact). These have been, and remain, diversions to keep people from asking about real policy. Make something happen other than putting your family and friends in positions to get richer. We should be scared about what future diversions could be.

The press failed us during the campaigns in focusing on emails and reality show reruns instead of digging into policy. But Trump should thank them. If they had done their job properly he would not have been elected. The only dishonest press was on his side. Admittedly the MSM can be biased, but they were not and are not making up lies about him. He even has Fox news talking about his lies. This is a truth stranger than fiction situation anyway, no one could make this up. Except maybe Matt Groening.

Like it or not, the media plays an important role in the checks and balances of government. They may not always be right, but silencing them so that they can't counterpoint when your leader lies to you is not democratic. If you want to live like that move to North Korea. You will be happy there. And cold.

Lastly, the president is a xenophobe. Shit rolls downhill