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Saturday, January 28, 2017


It’s National Chocolate Cake Day!!!!

Looks like Our "Twitter in Chief" is making more progress on his campaign promises. He’s met with Union big wheels and wants to start some infrastructure work so that should make the Dems happy. Won’t stop them from bitching though. And he’s working on immigration and our military, should make the Repubs happy. Doubt it will stop their whining either. And he’s working on the wall that all the Dems voted on years ago and that makes me ecstatic. And it's a plus that he's calling out the dumbasses. Like wearing a pussy hat or dressing up like a vajayjay is really forwarding a cause. Lord knows how mistreated Madonna is....moron.

I hope you had a chance to get out to the soft opening at Okies Yardhouse last night. The draft prices are a bit steep but there was some yummy flavors on tap. MJ got the Moroccan pizza from Offbeat Eatz last night and I’m here to give them a shout out to the moon and back. That was the tastiest thing I’ve put in my mouth since the last Chili Cook off! Bravo Zulu Off Beat Eatz!! 

And speaking of Chili Cook offs, you have about 3 hours to get your spice together and get them over to Craig n Raynels. See you there and Happy Saturday! 

Oxymoron much?

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Anonymous said...

The whole wall concept is pretty damned ignorant don't ya think? There are walls on sections of the border now. Don't work. You build your wall and people who want to come up here and work will build a tunnel. Or, they will hide in the trunk. Or, walk across the bridge with Tio Jaun's Green Card. Europe is surrounded by oceans and they have an illegal immigration problem.
If you want to stop illegal immigration make it illegal, and punishable to hire an illegal alien. Make it a crime to give these people a job and ENFORCE IT. These people come here to work. If there were no work, they wouldn't be here.
Besides, who's going to build your happy wall? Aint no honkies gonna work like that.
What your loud-mouth New York City know-it-all yankee has done is make you think you've got a problem and now he's going to solve your problem. Tell him to go after the employers.