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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Noe of my favorite day

It's National Kiss a Ginger Day! Hurry home Honey!!

Waaaa. The 747 is going to be retired early. Waaaa. I have always wanted to fly on one and now they are being retired. I guess it’s fair, The Queen of the Skies has been working almost as long as I have. Odds are I’ll never be invited to fly on Air Force One so I guess I’ll work on UPS. Dang. That bucket list item is gonna be tough.

Santa brought me the Game of Thrones boxed set. I won’t call it light reading but it sure is fun. I really enjoy his writing. He makes it fun. I amazes me that a human being can have a story like this rambling around in his head for years. Amazing. No spoilers please.

Looks like me and the rest of the world is gonna need a little time to adjust to the way our new president handles assholes. I’m talking about the rude behavior of the CNN “reporter” who wouldn’t shut the fuck up even when it was obvious to everyone on the planet he was not going to get called on. His momma didn’t teach him very good manners. Flash back 8 years and that’s what soontobeex President Obama did to the Fox team. Locked ‘em out as I recall. Karma has sharp teeth. I want to say Mr. T should have handled it with a little more tact but you know what, when someone has been blowing you shit for a year when do you get to stop being nice to them? He gets a point. He lasted longer than i would have. I’ll abide an asshole up to the point any conversation is pointless. Then they become persona non grata. Life is too short.

Well who woulda thunk it! Nicole Kidman has the biggest balls in Hollywood! Born in Hawaii, raised in Australia and lives in Nashville. Imagine that. She gets it. It’ll be interesting to see when she gets her next acting gig. 

And San Diego is moving to Los Angeles. 

One of the largest point spreads in NFL history. Damn.
Go Texans!! 

"The more you observe politics, the more you've got to admit that each party is worse than the other." Will Rogers

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Anonymous said...

So he says to some reporter "your rude and your fake news, nanny nanny boo boo I'm not calling on you" and you think this is behavior that's appropriate for the elected leader of the free world?

you may have responded the same waybut people like you and Trump admittedly shouldn't be president.

The news is all over his spats with actors and journalist. I want to hear about the swamp draining. When do we get our damned wall and when do we get our UN fees back. And when do we make it illegal to bye goods produced in foreign nations? Get rid of the damned welfare program while your making America grate again.

Anonymous said...


Take a deep breath. Relax! Hussein Obama still resides in the big White House and Donald Trump is just that, elected, but not yet the leader. The Inauguration will change all that. It takes time to clean up 8 years of s**t.

BTW, you clearly forgot your spell and grammar checker.