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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

National Winnie the Pooh Day

And National Peking Duck Day. Did you know it's the National Dish of China? Me either.

For the d-bags "boycotting" the innauguration, You are not boycotting shit. You are cowards. Just because you don't like what is happening you are going to take your ball and go home. Go. This Country is great enough to get by without you. The time honored ceremony of a peaceful transfer of power of the greatest nation on earth does not deserve you. You have no honer. To advertise as a paying position for anyone willing to disrupt the ceremony shines the light on your shame. You and your ilk are unworthy. I fart in your general direction.

Last nights Council meeting was well attended and a lot of stuff got done. Here's the short version.  
The Starfleet folks are looking for a mod in the marina section so they can build a hotel on the site.
Junk vehicles, Tindel has been remediated but the one on Hawthorne is about to get towed.
There are three chairs available come May's election. Two Council seats and the Mayors chair. You have until 2/17 to file.
Sounds like George and Lisa are moved in to E Shore. Welcome Y'all!
Okie's Corner is trying to put an open house together for the 27th.
EDC is looking at new sidewalks.
Amanda was elected Mayor Pro-Tem.
McNamara was elected to fill Al Burns Council seat.
All three parks issues were sent to Parks Committee for more info.
I saved the best for last. Someone, wants the city to build a lighted berm to protect the geese from something. Going to Opus' was mentioned but I missed the connection.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Saturday, February 11th, 8AM til 11AM It’s On!  Ready or not it’s time to kick of the 2017 season of fun with the 14th annual ManCake Breakfast! Men it’s that time, so drop the remote, grab your favorite spatula and I’ll provide the aprons. Saturday the 11th is Mancake time! To all you newcomers on our little pile of mud, ManCakes is when they guys treat the gals to breakfast and a cleanup. We’ll have a little something extra for the ladies and it rhymes with Himosas’. For the paltry fee of ??? you will be treated to the pancakes of your choice, Regular, Chocolate Chip, Pecan or Blueberry, bacon or sausage and a variety of beverages. Ladies all you have to do is show up and be catered to. We’ll do the rest. Guys, I’m looking for a few good men. If you think you can handle the strain drop me a line. WARNING, the volunteer line gets long really fast and if you volunteer you’ll know why. So. Drop me a line at This is a one time offer. LADIES, you may volunteer your man at the same email address. See you there!

Dumbest shit I've read so far today. Illegal alien in San Francisco is suing San Fran for violating their Sanctuary City status. Dude had his car stole, reported it, it comes up he's illegal and SF notifies the Feds. Buh Bye.


Anonymous said...

I remember when providing sanctuary to something illegal was a crime called "Aiding and Abetting". Now we have somehow made the word illegal a positive thing and it is a requirement to help them. The bleeding heart liberals have really f'd up this country. Homeless did in the streets every single day and we are worried about protection of the illegals.

Anonymous said...

Now you have a majority in the house and senate and a Republican president. Please tell me about the glory days on our horizon. Nothing to stop you now right?
Can't blame the libtards and bleeding hearts.
We can get back to those great days we had before Obammy. Financiall crisis, unfounded wars, higher national debt, higher unemployment, higher crime rates, the banks running wall street. Happy Times.... Happy Times.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, check your facts.

Since Obama:

The National Debt has doubled, as has the debt per US Citizen.

The Labor Force Participation rate has decreased, as has the Home Ownership Rate and the Real Median Household Income.

The Tax to Benefits Ratio has increased, as has the Number of Food Stamps Dependents and the Number of Persons Living in Poverty.

And the Nation is as divided as ever.

The Obama Presidency was a complete disaster, and it is time to admit it and move on.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain 'labor force particiation and 'tax to benefits ratio' in plain English and without copying and pasting from the internet as you did above? Think for yourself; don't let Breitbart think for you.

Anonymous said...

So I take that to eman you are only challending tose 2 categories. That is a good start.

Lets do one and then you can do your own research on the other. This blog is not the place to get educated.

The "Labor Force Participation Rate) is basically a ratio of the number of people working versus the number of people available to work. there is more to it, but that is the basic. It is a much more telling number than "Unemployment Rate". Those numbers are always skewed.

Check out Interesting reading.

And I have never read a word of Breibart. Actually, I had never even heard of it until Trump nominated the Bannon guy and I looked up his history. Don't know where that come from.

Have fun!!! Only one more day.....