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Monday, January 9, 2017

National Static Electricity Day?

Really? New low.

Anyone out there watch the award show last night? Me either. If you did anything surprise you? Mutual Appreciation Societies bore me.
That said it's all over the papers I browse every morning so I feel compelled to drop a no vote on my trump-o-meter for his reaction. Don't get me wrong, I get it, I don't turn the other cheek either. Ask Babs. But I'm just a fat old retired guy. You're not. Mr. T, Let it go. There is nothing you can do or say that will change their minds. There are a lot of more important thing you need to look at and people who are paid to read other peoples words are not on the list. Start with health care. There is no goddamn reason for my hospital bed to cost over $10,000 per night. Start there.
He did say we need better relations with the Russians and anyone who disagrees is stupid. I'll give him a thumbs up on that one. AM I OK with the Ruskies? Yes I did grow up learning duck and cover but that was a different day. I can't see any valid reason not to improve relations with them, What did RR say? Trust but verify. And I will go to my grave not understanding why we're still mad at Cuba. Seriously? We kissed and made up with the Germans a loooong time ago, Italy? some folks don't know we ever had bitch with them or the Japanese. Vietnam? There's a long black wall on the mall in DC with over 58,000 American names on it. 3 of them are Batchelors' but you can take a cruise there. Cuba? WTF. Our politicians are outraged over their human rights abuses? STFU. Raul has dirty pictures on someone. Moving on. Snowden is a criminal. Plain and simple. No, not for what he did so much as how he did it. He lied his way in for the sole purpose of doing bad. That makes him a liar and a thief. For telling me that someone was watching me without my permission? Um, no. Want to talk about it over a cocktail? Stop by anytime and convince me I'm wrong. BTW I'm pitching all my music cd's. The Boss is on top.

From our next Mayor, his first PSA. Thanks Mike.
Happy Monday Clear Lake Shores!

PS. Put this on your calendar! Chili Cook Off, Rain or Shine, Raynels' driveway, January 28th. Live Music so bring $$ for the tip jar.

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