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Friday, January 20, 2017

National Cheese Lovers Day

I like the stinky stuff. Especially Blue or Gorgonzola or Stilton or...How do you know when moldy milk goes bad?

Who listened/watched the inauguration ? What’d ya think? Over all I liked it. He said a lot of what I wanted to hear. Maybe a tad to much on America first but just a tad. While I agree with him 100% on the emotion I realize we do have an international economy.  Go ahead and cast your vote over there on the right. I give him 2 thumbs up. 
Once for "A Nation exists to provide for it’s people” and “We have defended other peoples borders while refusing to defend our own” . There were others but this covers it for me.
You know what, I'm gonna give him one more for calling out another lyin' ass Democrat. The one from Georgia who says this is the first inauguration he's missed. Guess he forgot about the other Republican he didn't deem legitimate. What an ass hat. 
OK Mr. President, Talk time is over, show us what ya got. 

I’m a bit concerned abut Michelle O. though. I’m sure she wasn’t shaking her head while standing behind the President, That would be rude AF. Maybe it’s just the onset of dementia. 

Put this on your calendar! Chili Cook Off, Rain or Shine, Raynels' driveway, January 28th. Live Music so bring $$ for the tip jar. I think it's the 35th annual? I would ask Craig to verify but God knows he cant count past 21. Oh crap or is it 17 now? 

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Saturday, February 11th, 8AM til 11AM It’s On!  Ready or not it’s time to kick of the 2017 season of fun with the 14th annual ManCake Breakfast! Men it’s that time, so drop the remote, grab your favorite spatula and I’ll provide the aprons. Saturday the 11th is Mancake time! To all you newcomers on our little pile of mud, ManCakes is when they guys treat the gals to breakfast and a cleanup. We’ll have a little something extra for the ladies and it rhymes with Himosas’. For the paltry fee of ??? you will be treated to the pancakes of your choice, Regular, Chocolate Chip, Pecan or Blueberry, bacon or sausage and a variety of beverages. Ladies all you have to do is show up and be catered to. We’ll do the rest. Guys, I’m looking for a few good men. If you think you can handle the strain drop me a line. WARNING, the volunteer line gets long really fast and if you volunteer you’ll know why. So. Drop me a line at This is a one time offer. LADIES, you may volunteer your man at the same email address. See you there!

Gorgeous Friday so far. My phone says it’s 79 with rain expected this afternoon. Radar shows no clouds within a few hundred miles. I guess we’ll see. 

Happy Friday Clear Lake Shores. 


Anonymous said...

Great speech. I love how he was able to touch on the mess he is being left with while still looking forward.

He gets it, he really does.

Now I'm watching the idiot protestors. I feel sorry for what the cops have to deal with. I say that the minute something is thrown: "Shoot at Will".

Anonymous said...

you like 'a nation exists to provide for its people'? which is equivalent to 'a nation's government exists to provide for its people'? which is equivalent to 'the people of a nation pay taxes so that its government can provide for its people'? how very liberal of you!