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Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy Monday!

Interesting football weekend. I'm batting .500. I guess you could say the Texans are the second best team in the AFC. But, Tom Brady.  I know I'm not the only one that's glad the wind laid down. I watched two rescue boats working a small sailboat out in the lake but they couldn't get close enough to it to help. That sucks. I went for a late night boat ride Saturday nite before the rain and we watched the sailboats at anchor. Knowing some new sailor did not check the weather forecast. Moving aboard a sailboat is what turned me in to a weather watcher. Live and learn.

I'm still OK with fake news allegations but Alternate Facts is too much. I know lawyers live for it and almost anything can be spun. But the short version is President Trump gets a No vote today. Everyone who gives a shit about the crowd count on the mall raise your hand. Raise both hands if you care whos' numbers are closer. Report what you know and leave it. Please don't ever use the term Alternate Facts again. It just sounds like crap and gives your number one enemy, CNN, something else to shoot at.

It's National Pie Day! Pecan is mine, with a real Key Lime a close second.


Anonymous said...

Your probably right that nobody cares. But, then you have to wonder why they would lie about it.

Saying you don't care about it doesn't make it less significant.

Obviously the TRUMPet cares about it. He tweeted about the ratings and compared them to the previous inauguration and claimed to have bested them.

It is significant that this entire administration will be a series of issues like this. And, the Presidient of the United States of America is worried about TV ratings. Making America great again huh?

Then lying about it. For no good reason.

Anonymous said...

What a great start! He already signed the ObamaCare death papers, and now he has signed the same for TPP. Nest up will be a hiring freeze for federal workers and we are on our way.

Rock and Roll, Mr. President!

And please keep driving the media nuts....

Anonymous said...

Freeze hiring fed workers is done. Now we can pay more expensive contractors to fill the void. If you want to reduce the fed labor force you cut programs. And yes, please keep the media focused on trivial tantrums instead of investigating policy issues. That's good for all of us.

Scott said...

"If you want to reduce the fed labor force you cut programs". No shit?

You are still talking like we are in the Obama era. Trump will be cutting lots of programs, and staffers, trust me. This was simply a stop gap measure until those cuts can be identified. He was only sworn in 3 days ago. Relax......we are in good hands now.

Just yesterday Trump did more than Obama did in his first month.

And wait until the meeting happens today with the car company Execs. There will be some really good news coming out of that. Obama would not have even met with them. He would have had his idiot staff handle it and all that would have happened is they would be criticized as greedy big business.

And the other good news out of yesterday was that Tillerson made it through. The formal vote next week is just a formality at this point. Another awesome choice by President Trump. Compare the 2 - Herman Munster, excuse me - John Kerry, versus Tillerson. Lord help us. Can you imagine being a leader of a foreign country and having to spend more than 15 minutes listening to Kerry? What an embarrassment to our country.

Good times ahead. Every day is like Christmas morning.