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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy Hump Day

And it's National Step in a puddle and splash your friend day. Raise your hand if you went out of your way to teach your youngster how to maximize a puddle splash. Me.

Seen the "controversial" art work Congress is spending so much time with? An 18 year old painted it and as part of a contest, he won so it got to be displayed on the hill. Depicts Police Officers as fat pigs and they're taking aim at what appears to be a black dog. Seems only the (R) are not happy with it. They say it's disrespectful of the police. Flip it over. If it showed cops shooting at looters stealing watermelons and 60" HDTV's who would be upset? Perhaps the contest holders? Oh, it was the CBC. Congressional Black Caucus. Just how in the hell are we supposed to get over racism with shit groups with f'ed up names like that?

Dumbest shit I read today? "What comes next for Dylan Roof?" A bullet. Kneel, over the drain please. Why does he still have a pulse? He has been proven guilty by a jury of his peers. That's when the egg timer should have been turned over. Same for the piece of shit in Ft Lauderdale. Don't get me started on the pig at Ft. Hood. My apologies to pigs everywhere.

Cows the size of elephants? I'm thinking brisket! Coming to a European Pasture near you.

Okie's Corner is almost there. Soon folks, real soon. I would send you the pics I took yesterday by apparently my google is broke.


Anonymous said...

must read non-partisan info on ethics in regards to the russian spy that you elected president

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. There is no such thing as non-partisan anymore. Stop whining and deal with it.