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Friday, December 9, 2016

National Pastry Day

Looks like winter is here to stay. They say there’s another cold front on the way. Ooh, that rhymes. s'posed be here Thursday. 

Civic Club Christmas Party is tonight!! 

Looks like "Fake News" is the topic du jour. The feds want to "fix" it. Isn't that awfully close to screwing with my free speech? I get the whole "can't yell fire" aspect of free speech but I'm not sure "fake news" qualifies. The way I see it, It's a lot like the old he said /she said scenario. Discounting the dumbasses who can and often do take any given statement to extreme doesn't it all boil down to caveat emptor? If you only ever watch NBC won't that affect your perception on any given topic? I never watched NBC because if you grew up in Houston and did not live on the southwest side of town you just couldn't get channel 2. Foil on the antenna did not help. I used to be an avid ABC watcher. I loved Ted Koppel when i could stay up that late. But back in the early 80's I was watching the late Peter Jennings report on Reagan and at the end of his statement he raised his left eyebrow all the way into his hair line. I know when I do that it screams "you are shittin' me right?" That was my first hint that I was no longer getting news for me to digest, I was getting some talking heads opinion of what he thought I should know. I switched to HeadLine News. I still have a crush on Lynn Russell. Have you seen HNN lately? Meh. Enter FNC. This is where I tell you I do not give one tiny little shit about your news source opinions and I ask you to reciprocate. I watch and read many and not all are US based. Helps me decide. Seems to me if you get your news from several sources it would help one to make up your mind and aid in weeding out the bullshit. Not like there's a shortage of that floating around eh? So then the whole fake news outrage , like every other fucking outrage, could be boiled down to a self inflicted wound. And that's on you. If that's all you want, then that's all you get and you need to learn how to process that. And please don't try to make it someone else's problem. 

A few weeks ago I asked, rhetorically, how long it would take for the losers to quit whining. Then I read where fat bot is calling for ll sorts of disruption at next years inauguration. Someone refresh my memory, was there a planned disruption for 
either of President Obama's inauguration's? 
“If there is one thing I’ve learned in my years on this planet, it’s that the happiest and most fulfilled people I’ve known are those who devoted themselves to something bigger and more profound than merely their own self interest,”
Godspeed John Glenn 

In car design circles, a hood ornament is properly called a "mascot." The first American automobile to sport a mascot was the 1912 Cadillac. Courtesy of the Amazing Fact Generator.

Have a great weekend Clear Lake Shores.

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