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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today's the day!


Scott said...

Lets see:

1. Simple tax plan.
2. More jobs.
3. Reduce government waste and fraud.
4. Revamp immigration policy.
5. No jobs for illegals.
6. Make anyone on government assistance be accountable for finding a job.
7. Repeal ObamaCare.
8. Strengthen our military.
9. Take care of our own before spending one cent on refugees.
10 Build a wall and empower our Border Patrol.

1. Increase taxes.
2. More jobs overseas.
3. Increase government waste and fraud.
4. Open Borders.
5. Amnesty for illegals.
6. Increase government assistance.
7. Expand ObamaCare.
8. Ignore our military.
9. Double the number of refugees coming in.
10 Reduce the authority of our Border Patrol.

Is there really a choice? For every homeless person or veteran without benefits who died last night you should be ashamed of yourself for voting for a person who would rather spend those dollars to support a non-US citizen than take care of our own. Think about it and vote your conscience.

Anonymous said...

that's ignorant. this is not a black or white conversation where one party is completely right and the other completely wrong. They both have strengths and faults

Scott said...

Ignorant? Thanks.

I was not stating strengths and weaknesses. I was stating positions on each by the 2 candidates on each topic. And yes, their positions are black and white. Well, Trump's are anyway. Hillary will play to whatever crowd she is speaking to - typical politician.

And that obviously hurt her last night, thank god.