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Monday, November 7, 2016


Election eve. Tomorrow it will be close to being over. Any bets on who will start whining first? Dear God please let this be over. 

Here’s an interior shot of the old hair salon that is about to the cornerstone of Okies Corner. Shaping right up. I wonder will the Grand Opening will look like? Should be fun.

Tally’s in. Looks like Canada is the clear loser with 9 expats picking our northern neighbor as the place they are moving to if Trump wins tomorrow. Second place goes to another planet. Seriously. Cher picks Jupiter as her fav and Jon is noncommittal with just any other planet. Whoopie is undecided and someone named Eddie Griffin can only name a continent. It's a big continent mind you so surely he'll find something in one of the 50 plus countries that call the Dark Continent home. I think I’ll miss Samuel L. And Amy, She makes me laugh when she’s not sharing her politics. 

Lena Dunham Canada. I wonder if anyone will notice she’s gone.
Amy Shumer Spain
Babs Australia or Canada
Bryan Cranston Canada
Jon Stewart- another planet
Chelsea Handler Spain
Neve  campbell Canada
Keegan-Michael Key Canada
Samuel L Jackson South Africa
Eddie Griffin Africa
Whoopie Undecided
Omari Hardwick Italy
Cher Jupiter
Raven-Symone Canada
Spike Lee- Brooklyn. Yes it is another country.
Chloe Sevigny Canada raise your hand if you can pick her out of a line up.
George Lopez - Says he’s moving back to LA?
Miley Cyrus Clueless. Surprised?
Amber Rose Canada

A neighbor is looking for a relatively new 20+ foot center console fishing boat. 

And it’s National Color The World Orange day.


Anonymous said...

Oh and not to forget George Stephanopolous and wife are going to OZ.

Which really upsets me....because I was going to go there if the witch wins.

Anonymous said...

You won't be there if they are, and if you are there they won't be. So turn your frown upside down!