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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Which one ?

Are you more excited about?
73 Shopping Days till Christmas 
27 Days till Election Day
Shit is wearing me out. I think what wears me out even more is the fact that a thinking brain will vote for a candidate who says she needs to have a Public opinion and a Private opinion. The more I read that the sadder I get.

Dumbest Shit I read in the aper today.
Amazon is taking "Sexy Burka"costume (oxymoron?) of the market because some one whined about it. Who would do such a thing? Obviously some pimple faced fat kid living in mommys' basement. No? Doesn't really matter does it. Notice no question mark. Who gets to draw that line? If one person is outraged but 2 are not why does the one win these days? What happened to this is a democracy and the majority wins. Like it, don't like, your option. Why have we allowed the whiners to make the call for everyone else? I'm on page 1089 of Atlas Shrugged. If I whined that's it's just too long does that mean someone has to edit the story? Where the hell is that going to stop?  It just gives me the willies to look around at what is happening all over the world. The problem isn't the one crybaby who got his feelings hurt, it's the two that coddle him, give in, and change their way of life even if they might not like it. Just so a whiner doesn't have to grow a pair and learn how to deal with reality? The next thing you know we are surrounded by a world of feckless pussies being governed by someone else's feelings. Now who's the bully? My dad taught me that if I wanted the big kid next door to stop slapping me around it was up to me. Yep, I got my ass handed to me, but he never did it again. Like my ol' man said "I might not stop you from kicking my ass but I'll damn sure break you of the habit". 

And all this on National Stop Bullying Day. Oh, not to worry all 70+ Sexy Nun costumes are still available.


Bryan said...
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Bryan said...

We need more people like you in this country, Allan. Did you see the Kim Kardashian Robbery costume that created outrage and has now been discontinued? Or the oreo cupcake named "Mr. President" that had to be renamed? Our country is crumbling around us...

Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that people like you cry and whine and complain constantly about all the crying and the whining and complaining. You people are "offended" by other people being offended. You constantly make a point to bitch about what you call the "sense of entitlement" and tell about how you are better cause you worked harder, longer, smarter, quieter or took your punishments or that you never complained.
I can promise you that every generation has bitched about the next one having it so easy and being a bunch of whiney pussies. You're no different from the ones before you.
Tolerance. Let it start with you. Let people have hurt feelings. Who cares. I doubt you were going to buy a sexy burka anyway. Let it go. It won't ever impact your life.

Bryan said...

Man, I would love to respond.....