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Friday, October 21, 2016

Now THATS the way to start a weekend!

Whens the last time we had low 60s? Don't care. What a beautiful start to a Friday. The weather man says enjoy it because it won't last long. OK by me.

It's National Pumpkin Cheesecake day. I like a good cheesecake as much as the next guy but I gotta pass on the whole punkin flavor. Never did care for it. I'll try something punkin flavored every year or so but it's just not there. Never has been.  I always said i don't care for orange colored food but I love oranges. Maybe it's a squash thing. Zucchini is OK but just barely. Sure you can cover it in all sorts of other yummy crap but then it's just a vehicle for the yummy crap. Zucchini of and by itself? Meh.
It's also National Mammography Day. I feel my inner 12 year old waking up.
Vegan brisket. Why? Why is there even such a thing. If you don't like meat wtf are ya doing inventing phony meat that tastes like the meat you DONT LIKE!  That's just retarded.

On to more of my baking adventure. I think I'll drop focus on the brioche and look into plain white buns. Yes. White Buns Matter.

PS: I know where there is One Medium Tank top and One Large Long Sleeve T-Shirt available. Interested? Drop me a line and I'll plug you in.

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Anonymous said...

With Birch Street in ruins, everyone is using Cedar to rush to school on time or rush to the light to work on time. I thought the speed limit was and is still 20 MPH but we have those that still walk dogs, walk ourselves and bike. I had the opportunity to be between the road and a tree that my dog was inspecting. Before I could react, a truck passed going way over 20 mph and brushed so close to me that my hair was fanned out. I was stunned. We have bikers, walkers, dog owners and just people who are enjoying the weather that are being challenged by trucks, souped up golf carts and people rushing to get to school on time that are racing down Cedar to avoid the inconvenience of road work. Please use your influence to make sure that no one of us that now use Cedar are placed in danger. I admire your care about our town.