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Thursday, October 6, 2016

National Noodle Day?

Moving on.
Was it as hard for you to watch the VP "debate" as it was for me? Like a couple of 3rd graders. Are too, Am not, Are too am not.....Mother of God what have we done to deserve this.

Sorry about not getting the agenda up in time. It was a really quick meeting. The Mayor and Mayor PT were away and the meeting was led by Councilman Fenwick. First and foremost George is home and doing well. He is up and about but there is no speculation as to when he will return to work. Get well my friend. Framing has begun on the bar at Okies Corner. Council will review the waterfront leases that were revoked this past summer. Seems the previous owner want them back. Big surprise here, our lawyers haven't made up our mind on who owns the big pier up front so all action on it has been kicked on down the road. Again.
The Elks are having their BBQ Cook Off not this weekend but next. If you've never been it is a real hoot. Lots of great BBQ all cooked by local folks. Lots of music and a good time for all. We need to try that event again.
Anyone got family in Florida? The interesting part is some of the computer models show Matthew hanging a hard right out into the Atlantic. Where it looks like it will bump into Nicole?  Some of the models show it doing a 360 and heading into the Gulf. Should be fun to watch.

I'm finally learning a little about Usenet, IRCMySpace Facebook. I'm reaching out to many of my long lost relatives in an attempt to update our family tree. It's quite the experience.

Amazing Fact 56995. In the 1980s a beer drinking goat was elected Mayor of Lajitas, Texas.

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