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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Happy National Pumpkin Day

Walked downstairs late yesterday to find a manilla folder on the steps.
It has a worn American Flag inside. First, Thank you for rescuing this old flag. I will see that it is properly retired. Next, my son is not a Boy Scout. The closest we came were the Indian Guides via the YMCA. Five of the best years ever. Last, and to everyone else take note, When the Boy Scouts come around in a few weeks, for Veterans Day, They will gladly accept old flags. They schedule ceremonial disposals just for this purpose. They have received all my old flags and will gladly accept yours. Please spread this word. 

How do you properly retire a worn American Flag?  The most common way is by burning. The Ceremony for Disposal of Unserviceable Flags was approved through Resolution No. 440 by the National Convention of The American Legion meeting in New York on September 20-23, 1937. At that time most American flags were made of cotton or wool. Today the vast majority of American flags are made of nylon or other petroleum-based materials. These synthetic materials last much longer but it's important that they are recycled instead of burned.

Well my last effort seems to have paid off. After a conversation with neighbor Rick about his huge pellet smoker I figured what the hell and decided to try pellets in my Masterbuilt electric smoker. 
Whaddayaknow. Smoke.
This is 30 minutes in at 220. More smoke than ever before. Chips, chunks, whatever. Might just have to give this one more shot. Who knows I might just drag it down to the BBQ Cook- Off next weekend!
Dumbest Shit I read today...

Canoes reek of genocide, theft and white privilege, professor claims.

Who knew? Makes me wonder who hired this person to teach kids. How twisted is your brain to justify the statement? Kinda sad.

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Anonymous said...

At least that wacky professor lives in Canada so she won't be voting for Killary.