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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Happy Birthday!

To the U.S. Navy.
On October 13, 1775, the Continental Congress authorized the first American naval force.  Thus began the long and prestigious heritage of the United States Navy. Between 1922 and 1972, the Navy’s birthday was celebrated on October 27th, the date of Theodore Roosevelt’s birth. Designated by the Navy League of the United States for Roosevelt’s foresight and vision in elevating the U.S. Navy into a premier force, the celebration of the Navy’s birthday has always been one of pride.  The change to October 13 was seen as a more relevant date in line with the first official action legislating a navy.  Since 1972, October 13 has been the officially recognized date of U.S. Navy’s birth. 
I had the pleasure of serving aboard three different Aircraft Carriers during my hitch. Saw 37 different countries. Never a dull moment. Almost. When you're a teenager it doesn't take long to get bored. But those short times were separated by some mighty exciting adventures. Still the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on.
Did you know there are seven, count 'em, seven uniformed services in the United States. A nice cold Lone Star if you can name them without looking them up. I only got six.
It's National No Bra Day! I'll go to my grave knowing a sailor had some input on that one.
So now President knucklehead says he is all up in NASA's bidness and wants them to go to Mars. That's a shitty explanation as to why he effectivley fired one of the best Administrators NASA ever had in Dr. Griffin and left the post VACANT for 9 friggin' months. Asshat. Any idea what that did to morale? I fart in your general direction.

Camping this weekend. A test of sorts. A teenager left to survive on his instincts. I'm talking naked and afraid here. I've taught him how to cook all sorts of stuff but I'm still betting we're all out of Ramen by Sunday morning. That or the food trucks will have a good weekend. Remember Mikey's rule Son, No Cops, No Hospitals.

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