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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fair enough

It's National Bra Day. Last week was National No Bra Day. Whatev.
Here's what you missed at last nights Council meeting.
George is BACK!! We missed you George, Welcome back.
We have some bored teenagers in the hood. Seems they were bored enough to wreck the little kids slide at Grove Park. Speculation is they beat holes in the plastic slide with something very hard. This is going to cost you. And me. Someone also trashed the restrooms at the pool. This could be iffy. The pavilion was rented out, and they left the door unlocked. Our bathroom still got trashed and took our maintenance crew several hours to clean it up. A bounty perhaps?
The StarFleet folks are looking into some new adventure that has to do with water taps? They think they have enough. The Waterfront Compliance crew starts a walk around on the 27th.

From your Civic Club, The kids Halloween party is on the 29th, The BBQ Cook off is on the 5th and the Thanksgiving Feast is on the 12th. The President Dunnegan presented Mayor Johnson with an anniversary t shirt for his long time support of the Club. Good Job Mr. President. Folks there's alot of ways to get involved. And it's really, really easy. It's mostly fun. Give it a whirl.
There are a few anniversary shirts left.
3 XXX T-shirts
1 XX Tank top
2 L T-shirts. When they are gone they are gone. Let me know

The meeting would have been over abt 7:20 but the discussion about selling more City ROW to the lady on E Shore drug it out till 8:30 ish. Council voted no. Again. Which backed up P&Z. Which backed up ZBOA. Lady, it's as simple as firing your architect who can't draw and stay within the lines. He needs to figure out a new way to put 2300 Sq Ft there?

OK my yeast food should be warmed up I gotta go.

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Save me the XX tank Capt L