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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Too many


National Beer Lover’s Day is observed annually on September 7th.
Beer and the process of brewing beer may predate known history.  As varied as the methods, grains, and flavors, beer continues to change and evolve over time.

Virginia colonists brewed beer. William Penn included a place for brewing beer within the colony of Pennsylvania which can still be visited at Pennsbury Manor today. The first President of the United States recorded a recipe for brewing beer in his notes. Samuel Adams holds a place in both beer and tea history in this country.  There were a few beer lovers and patriots among the nation’s founders.

The United States also derives its rich brewing history from beer-loving German immigrants during the mid-1800s. Some of those immigrants families’ names are as familiar today as they were a hundred years ago.
For more information, visit the National Day Calendar page for National Beer Lover’s Day.

That was one of the longest City Council meetings we've had in quite a while. Here's the Readers Digest version
The Learning Chanel aka TLC is inquiring about shooting some footage at our Farmers Market.
We met our newest officer. With his addition we are now fully staffed.
The atty for Blue Point has rescheduled. Sounds like a beef between neighbors?
We are about to have a Marine Division with two new Yamaha Jet Skis. Oh well.
A new neighbor on Aspen has filed a complaint against Fuller's shithole. Man does that sound familiar? We thought a long lost daughter , who was named in the will, was in charge but it sounds like its a long lost sister instead. Like it matters. Sounds genetic.

The lady who wants to buy some right of way on E Shore was not denied the sale. Council wants to talk it over some more. Shorter version. She lives alone and apparently can't do it without some 2,000 sq. ft. Imagine that. How the hell has my family made it this long on 1500 sq. ft? It's sad that we only have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a small shop out back? Hell I'd love a walk around veranda but since I live on a corner also I have a different setbacks. Just like her. I sat on ZBOA when this original variance request was made. The request was pulled before it got denied. I said no then and if I had a say I'd say BUILD A SMALLER HOUSE!

Then there's the pier up front. $150k of our tax money to rebuild it for the dozen plus slip holders up there. City engineer will put together some number to pull the whole thing out and let the 12+ build their own finger piers and bulkheads. More to come

Anniversary T Shirts are almost gone. The final order is shaping up. If you are interested contact me. Soon. I mean it.
Happy Hump Day Islanders

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CLS the ultimate shit storm