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Sunday, September 4, 2016

National Wildlife Day

And where better to celebrate a wild life than right here? See what I did there?

The 50th anniversary T-Shirts are more than half gone and there is an order shaping up for Tuesday. Odds are this will be the only order due to the underwhelming lack of support. I got mine. Moving on.

This is for all you ichthyologists/aquarist wannabes. The Aquatic Sciences teacher at Clear Falls is looking to do you a favor by releiveing you of all that old aquarium gear you have stored in the attic because you couldn't unload it at the yard sale. They are in need of tanks 10-200 gallon and any and all internal fixins' that go along with them. If you have such an item please drop me a line and I'll have W come and pick it up. Don't worry about cleaning it up either. Let the kidss work on that.

I'm sitting here listening to Enya. I don't know. But there are a couple of songs that I'm adding to my funeral playlist.

I'll start off by saying the brisket was not bad. Everyone in the family liked it. I'm taking some to a cook off in a little bit and I'll get other opinions. I'll add to the first statement by saying I like smoked meat. Really smoked meat. And the MAsterbuilt does not meet my requirements. It may be OK as a smoker in Georgia but I ain't in Georgia. Before anyone gets exicted, I have no problem with THe Peach State. I was stationed there in a previous life and enjoyed almost all of it. It's where I learned the basics of Golf. Notice I didn't say I learned how to play golf. So. The first $200 takes this slightly used 40" Masterbuilt electric smoker with remote control, Cover and all of the chips I have. There ya have it.

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Anonymous said...

How many 50th anniversary celebrations are you going to have? Is this just to cover Vern for taking 10k out of the mayors emergency fund to pay for coozies, license plate frames and t-shirts????