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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Know what an ampersand is?

&. Did you know it has a "day" and it is today? Me either but here we go.
"Who doesn’t love the fun & functional ampersand? From jotting a shorthand “and” to branding corporate names, this curly, quirky little character is ubiquitously useful. It’s also quite aesthetic, as you’ll see at, featuring “the ampersand as fun & fabulous art.”
The ampersand used to be the last letter of the alphabet?
The ampersand is a ligature of “e” & “t”? That’s “et” in Latin, meaning “and.”
The word “ampersand” is a slurring of “real words” run together over time?
The plus sign is actually an ampersand?

Discover more interesting facts about the ampersand — including details on those you just read — & see “the ampersand as fun & fabulous art” at

To our newest Officer, mentioned here yesterday, I apologize for not mentioning your name. I didn't hear it at the meeting and I didn't find out till late yesterday. Welcome Officer Peter Behler.

Numbers, we got numbers. This blog is coming up on its 5th birthday. Hard to believe. There have been 890 posts with 6,241 comments. that doesn't count the dozen or so comments that made it to the spam folder or comments with no value. Yes, those. I guess the number that surprises me most is the 409,643 page views from over 10 different countries. Whooda Thunk it?

Any ideas on what I can do with a LOT of really, really old popcorn? Hate to add it to a landfill but that's where it's headed. When I put it in my bird feeder the only thing that eats it are rats. That's no bueno.

This weekend is the 8th annual Block Party. Come on out and for the love of Pete drag some of these new folks out with you. I'm sure the incredible Mrs. Duffey will impress us once more.

“The problem with the alphabet is that it bears no relation to anything at all, and when words are arranged alphabetically they are uselessly separated. In the OED, for example, aardvarks are 19 volumes away from the zoo, yachts are 18 volumes from the beach, and wine is 17 volumes from the nearest corkscrew.” 

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Anonymous said...

WOW ... 5 years of stirring the pot and creating division with Verns blessing...CONGRATS