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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hurricane Rita

Came no where near here but caused the biggest traffic jam I ever heard of. I left my driveway at 4 AM with Rita making landfall some time late that night. I wished the officer standing guard of our little slice of paradise all the best and off I went. How bd could it really be? I got to Hwy 146 looked both ways and there was not a car in sight. Smooth sailing. When I got to the last on ramp over in La Porte and guess who I found. Everyone. By noon, I was on top of the Fred Hartman bridge. Yep. 8 hours to go about 15 miles. by 5 PM I was in Mont Belvieu. About another 10 miles. Things were picking up. by midnight me and 20,000 of my closest friends were in Livingston. That is usually a 90 minute drive. Only two more hours to the west side of Huntsville. The sight of headlights to the south and brake lights to the north as I crossed I-45 on 190 took my breath away. Literally as far as you could see. What a freakin' mess. Can you even imagine evacuating the 4th largest city in the country as well as the surrounding gulf counties? Apparently on one else did either. Feel free to share your Rita story. Storms Karl and Lisa are not an issue for us. Almost over the hump. 

Fun at the DMV this morning. We were there 15 minutes before they opened the doors. There were only a dozen folks in front of MJ who was there to renew her license. 24 minutes later they called her number and 8 minutes after that we were on our way back home. Good job DPS. Good job indeed. That was a lot better than my trip of a few years ago. 

Under the dumbest shit I’ve read today. "Cow farts can now be regulated in California” and you thought your job sucked? Someone has to keep up with the left coast cows. 

It’s the Autumnal Equinox. I think that means it’s the first day of fall. Somewhere other than here. I’m pretty sure it’s summer until Halloween. Come on cold front!

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I believe that smiling bovine is actually Moonbeam Jerry Brown!