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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

7 Up was originally called

"Bib-Label lithiated Lemon Lime Soda". Whatever happened to the Un Cola?

This just in from The Islander staff.
"I'm working on a write up about changes or observations people have on the Island. If you would like to get your thoughts written , 1-2 sentences max and your name, please send a text or email to flogrownpl at yahoo dot com. I'm adding my two cents. Pass the word.
PS. That's a standard email format written out to confuse bad guys.

The order for 50th anniversary Civic Club T Shirts will be placed next Tuesday. If you're interested and still haven't ordered you are getting real close to being to fucking late.

I try not to get too involved in National politics because at this level all it does is wake up the trolls. Not that I mind because they do liven up the place, but it really is a waste of time. But for the love of God I will never understand why a free thinking human would vote for a known, proven pathological liar for president.
Now where did I put that basket....

And it's National Peanut Day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Alan...thought the anniversary was a couple of years ago. Remember you were trying to break the guiness book of world records for a golf cart parade (another failure to notch on your belt). You convinced Vern to take money out of the Mayors emergency budget to pay for a pilot to take a picture of the parade and he stiffed the community that money, and never produced what he was contracted to do. But of course ignored. Sheeples AUDIT THE BOOKS! And by the by has Vern ever repaired his home from Ike???? Fools successful people controlled by morons. Peace out.

Anonymous said...

When is any one going to investigate how some people of the CLS Govt are allowed to ignore ordinances - ie Verns House - but strictly enforce them on people who are on the "hit list" of CLS

Anonymous said...

By the way using Johnny Cash's image on your piece of crap blog is an insult to his legacy...June Carter would kick your ass because your as big as a turd most people the way find a job yet???? Loser

Anonymous said...

Wow! look how tough this guy is! He just figured out that Allan's blog is back up and he found a place to spew his hatred. What a pussy. Why don't you sign your name big guy? Wife won't let ya?

By the way, the city anniversary was a couple of years ago. The Civic Club anniversary is this year. When you went to the City Council meetings did you voice your discontent... or did you just wait for somebody else to give you an anonymous platform.

I'm fascinated that you would call someone a "sheeple" or a "loser". You are a poster child neighbor.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that VERN has the shitbox of a house and gets away with it. If he laid off the beer and bought one piece of hardy plank a week, he might eventually get some work done. If i were his neighbors, i would be furious. How does Ted Guthrie build his concrete castle without a permit, but i have to get a permit to cut down a tallow tree or put a load of dirt on my property?

Also love how the poster above calls out others for not signing their name, and yet he signs in as ANON....

Anonymous said...

"How does Ted Guthrie build his concrete castle without a permit, but i have to get a permit to cut down a tallow tree or put a load of dirt on my property?"

Ummmmmm....let me guess - because you are a dick?

And it is not Ted Guthrie building the unpermitted concrete castle. If you are going to whine like a schoolgirl about something please get your facts straight first.

Anonymous said...

Thats MR DICK to you FUCK FACE

Anonymous said...

Don't feed the dirty little troll.
He needs others to share in his misery.

Anonymous said...

Living in Kemah will do that to you.