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Sunday, July 24, 2016

This might be the end of

National Tequila Day but tomorrow is Hot Fudge Sundae Dae! So there.

Well, I sincerely hope oPepe, the opossum got out of my shop ok. If not it'll be a tad stinky when I get back. Fingers crossed.

We are winding down the third day of our road trip that got off to a somewhat dodgy start thanks to my forgetfulness, Apples maps, EZ Tag and a late start. I found out too late that our newly acquired eztag is not movable between vehicles. WTF? Hey EZTAG, how many cars do you think I can drive at once?! How fuckin' stupid is that? Fine. Plan B. We'll take 610 to 10 to 290. If you are not from Houston this is the most retarded way known to man to get out of Houston on a Friday at 5:30. Plan C, Siri says 59 N to the Grand Parkway is faster. Hey Siri, Anything is faster than plan B. ANYGODAMTHING, Oh well, 59 is moving and we're off to Austin. Guess what Siri left off her Plan C. Grand Pkwy is a toll road. Not a problem, we have plenty of change, Oh what's that you say? No Cash? EZTAG only you say? See Plan A. Fine. Mail Enterprise a goddam ticket cuz it's there car. We'll deal with it next week. The rest of the trip to Austin was fairly uneventful til we got to that abortion of an intersection TXDOT calls 290 and 183. It's history.
A good night sleep and it's off the Palo Duro Canyon. It's a mere 8 hour drive away. We had two options and my navigatress chose the opposite path I had originally laid out. Not sure if if it was the short stop in Post, Texas or if she just wanted to be contrary. For more on Post see January.
At any rate we got a fantastic farmers breakfast just out of Brownwood at a place called the Brandin' Iron. This was the kind of breakfast you would make if you were camping with your buddies. A1. It was just past here that my Navigatress decided on our new path to Amarillo. It only cost us an hour and in the grand scheme of things whats a frigin' hour. Palo Duro is well worth and it was unanimous that we come back. It's just too bad we couldn't do more in our short stay. The down side to Palo Duro is that their shop is run by a commercial third party and much to my dismay they do not have park decals to add to our Texas State Parks collection. They need to revisit that. To the RAT pack we have a plan. More to follow.
Off we go to the world famous Cadillac Ranch. It is just as weird as you imagine it. You have to watch for it though because it's easy to miss. It's just out of Amarillo on the south side of I 40 set off in a corn field. It was worth the 104 degree walk to and from.
New Mexico and the Mother of all roads "Route 66" is a go. Tucumcari is the next stop. And what a stop it is! Pictures when we get a decent connection.
oPepe, I hope all is well. ,  

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Jim Mago said...

Spent the nite in TCC last fall, NOTHING!. About a half mile of tired old Rte 66 motels and such there. Oh yeah, there is a "grapes of wrath" old "camper" on display there as I recall on the west side of town. You will know it when you see it.

If you can work it in, don't miss Caprock Canyon SP, it is a great stop if you can get a site there. Bison roam the canyon and campsite, and it is beautiful. It's the same crack in the earth as Palo Duro, but easier to see as it is smaller.

We are on our last day in Ruidoso today, heading back into the Texas oven tomorrow after 88 days in the west and Northern Rockies. Will be passing through your favorite town, Post!

Jim Mago and Crystal Burney