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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

National Bagelfest day

You're on your own. Sitting in a room off Fishermans' Wharf in Shaky Town listening to the fog bell out in the bay. I love this shit.
I think someone invented the word awesome just to describe the Grand Canyon. If you've ever been you know what I mean and if you've never been you need to go. I stopped taking pictures years ago because I'm not good enough to capture the immensity and depth. Some folks can I guess but I just quit wasting film. This was my 5th trip and it is never the same. THe original plan was to go to the north rim since all previous trips had been on the south end. A major wildfire and subsequent lack of lodgings led us to plan b. We went to Tusayan, the south end, and hit it from there. Bring up the thesaurus and type in spectacular and all those words will fit. We hiked along the rim trail until the teenager was bored. Read, not long. Took a few shots on the phones and headed out. Awesome, and I can't wait to see it again.
Next stop Hoover Dam. The last time I was there was 1976. It has changed. Not completely because the dam is still there but that is the only constant. It used to be you drove across the top of the dam to get to Nevada from Arizona. Not so much these days. There's a new bridge and while you can still drive across the top of the dam it's only because you want to, not because you have to. Oh and thanks to the muslim fucks that blew up the world on 911 you get to pass through a security check point. Thanks religion of peace. Still, you have to tip your hat to every engineer you know because it's them what built this wonder of the world. Across the bridge is a tiny town called Boulder City. Remember it used to be called Boulder Dam. It's where the men that built this magnificent machine lived and raised their families back in the 30's. It, like so many other wide spots on Route 66 has been retrofitted to draw in that elusive tourist dollar. We had lunch at the Little City Grill. Did I mention that the only hard a fast rule of a road trip is "no food from anyplace with a drivethru window? Anyhow, It gets a double thumbs up across the board. The fish and chips I had was a ever so slightly over breaded polock that was off the plate good. Mel finished her Santa Fe wrap before I was done and we both watched a hungry 16 year old struggle to finish his naked omlette. On to Bakersfield.
We blew through Vegas after a brief chat on whether or not to cruise the strip. It was unanimous.
Just across the border in CA. was the most impressive solar farm I've ever even heard about. Wow fits well here. Can't wait to google map it. Did I mention that from the time we left Tusayan until waay past dark in Bakersfield the temp was in the triple digits? Damn it was hot. All day. Hot. No, 97 is hot, this was damned hot. All day.
It was dark when we hit Tehachapi pass. Do you know what a double digit pucker factor is? Tehachapi pass is one. I suspect it's not as bad in the daylight but when you've been driving into the fucking sun for an hour and then the sun goes away but you still get to drive through the mountain pass with one semi good eye and one scortched reina everything changes. I think I pinched a hole in my seat.
The home of George Jones, Bakersfield, did not appear fast enough. If this ever happens again I'll pack muscle relaxers. Big ones. It was a Holiday Inn but his time it had a bar. Things were looking up.
Tomorrow we go see trees. Big trees. The Sequoia National Forest is only an hour up the road and subsequently the main reason for this trip. More tomorrow.
OK Google, I'm not sure why you are being difficult but knock it off. You're starting to act like a fuckin; Microsoft product. All I want to do is post a picture from my gmail to my g blog but oooooooohhh nooooooooo you want me to jump through googlehoops and it's ain't gonna happen so knock it off!

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