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Sunday, July 31, 2016

From THe Amazing Fact Genertor

There are roughly 70 ingredients in the McRib. Bet you thought is was a whole lot less...
So, here we are in Weatherford Texas. The original plan was to be home about 1am ish but due to a few missed turns, course re corrections and a tornado warning in my now official least favorite town of Post we made it to Weatherford. I feel like such a slacker. after making 1183 miles yesterday we only made 993 today. It's hard to find good help. 5,3381 is the total mileage so far. Anyhow, I'm here typing while the other two are sound asleep. Why? I'm glad you asked. I took over driving just south of Lubbock. My goal was to make it to Forest and Pine. So somewhere around Snyder, as the sun was trying to set behind a tremendous thunder storm I finished my extra large, extra caffeinated coffee. Around Abilene, I cracked open the  Extra Large Redbull. 30 miles later I was informed we were stopping for the night as my travelling companions were tired of being in the Jeep.
Speaking of the Jeep. I believe I can honestly say that I have spent more time in the Compass than any junior designer that had anything to do with it. The back seat well and truly sucks. The adjustable headrests sit firmly in the vision path of anyone in the backseat. I mean to say without some degree of contortion you are not able to see forward. Period. On that odd occasion that you may want to roll the window down and rest your elbow on the opening just know that you need to be prepared to dislocate said shoulder. Unless you have an abnormal upper body length that is. That applies equally to the front windows. And did I mention the blind spot? We just spent a LOT of time driving in mountains. The windshield post on the drivers side has the ability to hide a whole car in a left curve. A whole damned CAR! On to the seat belts. The ratchet system is crap. Not only will it prevent you from reaching for a beverage in the beverage holder it will go one better and ratchet the strap down tighter. Kinda like a boa constrictor. To back this up I will tell the world that in a little wide spot in the road east of Eugene, Oregon I had to cut my son out of the seat belt on the passenger side back seat. It had him in a death grip. No matter how hard I tried to ease the tension the strap was in a one way mode. When it reached the point that I could not get my hand between the strap and him out came the blade. Because I love both the Jeeps I have owned I am blaming Fiat.
We saw Bison this morning. South of Cheyenne Wyoming  and north of the Colorado border we spotted a small herd on the eastern slopes. Have I mentioned that I really don't like driving in mountains? I really don't. Scares the shit out of me. Hiding that fact from my passengers the whole trip has absolutely worn me out. If you feel the same and ever have to cross the Rockies might I suggest you take the route from Ogden Utah towards Laramie. When you cross the Continental Divide there won't be a snowflake in sight and the best part is almost NO switchbacks! We fairly blew through Denver and points south and took a left in Northern New Mexico. Made Dalhart, Texas only to be trapped in a one hour traffic jam. In DALHART! Hell there's only two traffic lights. Some things just can't be factored in I guess. Southward we got pinned down for a bit by some nasty weather but it didn't last long. Somewhere along I 20 between Abilene and here we pulled over at a rest area to marvel at the night sky. We rarely get to see the Milky Way where we are due to light pollution. It was not a problem tonight. Wyatt said after the Grand Canyon this was the coolest thing he's seen on the trip. I guess Elk, Bison and Sea Lions don't count for much.
Not sure how the morning is going to work out. I'm kinda wide awake. Guess I'll find a crossword puzzle. At any rate, God willing, we'll be home about noon. I'm ready.

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Anonymous said...

Allan, neighbor Steve here. Enjoyed reading the updates during your trip! You definitely have nailed the art of writing and not beating around the bush.

By the way, being a "car" guy, I especially appreciated your comments about the Compass. Don't believe I've ever read such an honest and colorful (my back ached after reading!) evaluation of a vehicle. And Top Gear hasn't found (IMO) a suitable replacement for Jeremy Clarkson...I believe you would be a perfect fit!