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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Amazing Fact 57012

Goldfish can distinguish the music of one composer from another. Who knew?

Anyone make it to the EDC meeting last night? I missed it. Spent a little too much time visiting and I let time get away from me. Next thing I knew dinner was late and I missed the meeting. Dang it!

Any Houston Chronicle weather page fans out there? They completely screwed up the stats page. I used to watch the rainfall totals, tide times and all sorts of other stuff. All gone. What’s your go to wether site? does it have rainfall totals? 

The new AC is in the old camper. It barely holds it’s own against the July heat but at nighttime it is doable. The question I have is where is the condensate? It has a hard plumbed drain and a holding pan that will turn of the unit if it gets full but I got nuthin’. Odd. 

To all you Hemingway aficionados out there, What the hell? It’s been a week on AMF and it’s a fight I don’t know if I can win. Waaaaayy too many ands. Painful.

This is for all my BLM friends. Kidding. I don’t hang with those



Anonymous said...

Yeah, that meme is inaccurate:

Anonymous said...

You are correct, Anon1. The 97% number reflected on the meme was later shown to be "only" 90%. Does that really make you feel any better? Allan's point is still very valid - Black Lives Do Matter - but obviously not to other blacks.