Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Sunday, July 31, 2016

From THe Amazing Fact Genertor

There are roughly 70 ingredients in the McRib. Bet you thought is was a whole lot less...
So, here we are in Weatherford Texas. The original plan was to be home about 1am ish but due to a few missed turns, course re corrections and a tornado warning in my now official least favorite town of Post we made it to Weatherford. I feel like such a slacker. after making 1183 miles yesterday we only made 993 today. It's hard to find good help. 5,3381 is the total mileage so far. Anyhow, I'm here typing while the other two are sound asleep. Why? I'm glad you asked. I took over driving just south of Lubbock. My goal was to make it to Forest and Pine. So somewhere around Snyder, as the sun was trying to set behind a tremendous thunder storm I finished my extra large, extra caffeinated coffee. Around Abilene, I cracked open the  Extra Large Redbull. 30 miles later I was informed we were stopping for the night as my travelling companions were tired of being in the Jeep.
Speaking of the Jeep. I believe I can honestly say that I have spent more time in the Compass than any junior designer that had anything to do with it. The back seat well and truly sucks. The adjustable headrests sit firmly in the vision path of anyone in the backseat. I mean to say without some degree of contortion you are not able to see forward. Period. On that odd occasion that you may want to roll the window down and rest your elbow on the opening just know that you need to be prepared to dislocate said shoulder. Unless you have an abnormal upper body length that is. That applies equally to the front windows. And did I mention the blind spot? We just spent a LOT of time driving in mountains. The windshield post on the drivers side has the ability to hide a whole car in a left curve. A whole damned CAR! On to the seat belts. The ratchet system is crap. Not only will it prevent you from reaching for a beverage in the beverage holder it will go one better and ratchet the strap down tighter. Kinda like a boa constrictor. To back this up I will tell the world that in a little wide spot in the road east of Eugene, Oregon I had to cut my son out of the seat belt on the passenger side back seat. It had him in a death grip. No matter how hard I tried to ease the tension the strap was in a one way mode. When it reached the point that I could not get my hand between the strap and him out came the blade. Because I love both the Jeeps I have owned I am blaming Fiat.
We saw Bison this morning. South of Cheyenne Wyoming  and north of the Colorado border we spotted a small herd on the eastern slopes. Have I mentioned that I really don't like driving in mountains? I really don't. Scares the shit out of me. Hiding that fact from my passengers the whole trip has absolutely worn me out. If you feel the same and ever have to cross the Rockies might I suggest you take the route from Ogden Utah towards Laramie. When you cross the Continental Divide there won't be a snowflake in sight and the best part is almost NO switchbacks! We fairly blew through Denver and points south and took a left in Northern New Mexico. Made Dalhart, Texas only to be trapped in a one hour traffic jam. In DALHART! Hell there's only two traffic lights. Some things just can't be factored in I guess. Southward we got pinned down for a bit by some nasty weather but it didn't last long. Somewhere along I 20 between Abilene and here we pulled over at a rest area to marvel at the night sky. We rarely get to see the Milky Way where we are due to light pollution. It was not a problem tonight. Wyatt said after the Grand Canyon this was the coolest thing he's seen on the trip. I guess Elk, Bison and Sea Lions don't count for much.
Not sure how the morning is going to work out. I'm kinda wide awake. Guess I'll find a crossword puzzle. At any rate, God willing, we'll be home about noon. I'm ready.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Now comes the hard part

It's National Lipstick Day, Chicken Wing Day and Lasagna day. You have to pick one.

Well, We finally found a piece of the coast we could get to. Not too shabby at all. But traffic is heavy and slow. We made it to Bodega Bay for lunch and stopped at a little open air kitchen called The Spud Point Crab Co. MJ is still ranting about Carols' Championship Clam Chowder. I like Clam Chowder too. All except the rubbery little clam bits they put in it. Between the fog, the road repairs and the traffic, plus the fact that I don't want to die of old age on the Cali coast we cut our losses and jump back across the coastal range and head north on the Redwood Highway. AKA Hwy 101. This is the left coast's answer to Hwy 1/A1A in the east. I have traveled Hwy1 from New Jersey to the end in Key West and the Overseas Hwy not withstanding, The Left coast wins. The Redwood Hwy is mind boggling. These giant coastal redwoods are on both sides of the mostly two lane blacktop. There are a zillion places to pull over for photo ops so pics are not a problem. THat part alone was almost worth the trip. My co-pilotess AKA she who must be obeyed, has plotted our next coarse correction to Eureka. Which is where the ol' bait and switch bit us firmly on the ass.
Boardwalk...Beaches...historic... yada,yada,yada,blah,blah and blah.  Yes there is a boardwalk and it is on the waterfront. And there is one restaurant but they are only kidding with the Cocktails sign out front. And I have no doubt there is a beach in that same area code. Oh well, We had very good dinner of Fish N Chips, served by a transplanted Texas lass from Chico and watched some harbor seals out in the estuary. It could have been worse. We waved bye bye to the California coast as we snuck in to Oregon. Now this is a coast line!  Coastal fog stayed off shore but I think It was just trying to show off. We started at Bookings and didn't want to leave. We did our touristy duty and visited the sea lion caves and W even spent a dollar to get a pressed penny. Yes, it WAS that good. We stayed on the coast and had an awesome lunch at a place called Luna Sea (ring any bells regular readers?) It's in the coastal burb of Yachats. I'll let you figure out how to pronounce it. I had the Slumgullion which is my kind of clam chowder. Hold the clams, add shrimp and crab. We ate outside in a heated tent because it was fucking freezing. At Newport we jumped all the way over to I-5 and on to Portland. That turned in to a chore due to a wildfire that closed down the freeway. Siri and Google Maps found us a work around and an hour later we were crossing the mighty Columbia river. Twice. Three times actually. We made a short pass across the river to Vancouver just so we could say we did then started hunting a hotel for the night.
This is where I bitch about Motel 6. My travel agent is a Holiday Inn and up sort of traveller. Myself, I tend to lean towards the cheesy and cheap. Motel 6, if you are listening, this is my second finger wagging. Fix your damned web site! You can't get wi-fi without a pre paid card. And you cant get a pre paid card from your web site. DUH! I can't remember all the crap that is rattling around in my head for two days in a row. Fix Yer Shit!
Which brings me to Laramie Wyoming. Which is where we are now. A 16 hour day and 1200 miles will get you here from Portland. From the Columbia Gorge to the Continental Divide this has been a fantastic drive. Albeit long. Having been a long haul trucker in a previous life I pulled a few tricks from my sleeve to make it a tad more bearable but 1200 miles is 1200 miles no matter how you add it up. It is 58 and blowing like stink out the window and time for me to hit to post button. If we can duplicate todays trip tomorrow I can be home for my friend Todds' Birthday. It better be a damn good party Todd.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


It's National Scotch Day. Halleluja!!
Trees. Great big ol' trees. The focus of this road trip was the General Sherman. It is a 2,200 year old tree that is 275 feet tall, weighs about 13,500 tons and would take Me, Bryan, Jim, Todd, Rick, Randy, Jimmy, Glenn, Rob, Gary, Rob B, Craig, Freddy, Larry, Skooly, Grant, Mark and Mal holding hands to get around this beast. Our closest comparison is the 1,500 year old Live Oak down at Goose Island. Close, no cigar. We had a few issues getting to it in that a road map does not accurately reflect mountain roadways. Much like they also do not reflect waterways. If you've ever heard my canoeing the Brazos story you know where I'm going with this. Looking on a map the trip from Bakersfield to the Northern section of the Sequoia park is two plus ish hours. What the two dimensional map can not properly reflect are the switchbacks that you are driving on at 15 mph because you are climbing a goddam mountain in a car. My tiny little minds eye never imagined that these wooden giants only grew on the top of a mountain. Much like my tiny little minds eye never imagined the need for a sign that clearly states Do Not Approach The Bears. I'm good with that But it begs the question who needs that sign? And then you need to ask yourself are we not interfering with natures grand plan? Too many questions. Driving in the mountains in Arkansas I remember my Dad's driving instructions sounding something like " See that sign that says 30 mph? well you can usually get by at 40, See that sign that says 20? you can usually get by at 30. See that one there that says 15? You damn well better be doing 10." There were a lot of 15's. So what at first blush was a 90 minute drive blossomed in to a full morning drive.
Lest I forget, We did manage a stop in Visalia at a placed called Dimples Diner. Again, Thumbs up across the table. They had more of a breakfast than they could finish and I had a patty melt. Now, I've had and grilled more than my share of onions. I like onions. I grow onions because I like to eat them on lots of stuff. But I have never before had grilled Red onions. I'm a better man. Back to the trip.
We left the park from the opposite end as it was pointing north. Next Stop, San Francisco. Woot! I personally like the city. I think it's gorgeous and a lot of fun. The last time I was there was a few months after the big shake in '89. We came in from Oakland and since it was late the traffic was doable and Siri led us right to our hotel at Fishermans Wharf. The fog was trying to roll in and was a visible blanket out our window. Off to the Wharf we go. We know now that most restaurants close at 9. Wish we'd a known that at 8:45. But we had an awesome Fishermans Pizza right off the wharf. Great prices, Excellent service and damn good hand tossed, custom ordered pizza. We rolled out after most of the good folks in San Fran were at work and headed north across the Golden Gate, which was still engulfed in fog. I do have some great fog pics but Google won't let me get them here with the tools I have at hand. On to the Coast.
I understand that the great state of California has one hell of a coastline but for the love of God we could not get to it. We tried for most of today and failed miserably. More tomorrow. Right now I'm looking to turn on the heater here in Eureka. I'm cold.

National Bagelfest day

You're on your own. Sitting in a room off Fishermans' Wharf in Shaky Town listening to the fog bell out in the bay. I love this shit.
I think someone invented the word awesome just to describe the Grand Canyon. If you've ever been you know what I mean and if you've never been you need to go. I stopped taking pictures years ago because I'm not good enough to capture the immensity and depth. Some folks can I guess but I just quit wasting film. This was my 5th trip and it is never the same. THe original plan was to go to the north rim since all previous trips had been on the south end. A major wildfire and subsequent lack of lodgings led us to plan b. We went to Tusayan, the south end, and hit it from there. Bring up the thesaurus and type in spectacular and all those words will fit. We hiked along the rim trail until the teenager was bored. Read, not long. Took a few shots on the phones and headed out. Awesome, and I can't wait to see it again.
Next stop Hoover Dam. The last time I was there was 1976. It has changed. Not completely because the dam is still there but that is the only constant. It used to be you drove across the top of the dam to get to Nevada from Arizona. Not so much these days. There's a new bridge and while you can still drive across the top of the dam it's only because you want to, not because you have to. Oh and thanks to the muslim fucks that blew up the world on 911 you get to pass through a security check point. Thanks religion of peace. Still, you have to tip your hat to every engineer you know because it's them what built this wonder of the world. Across the bridge is a tiny town called Boulder City. Remember it used to be called Boulder Dam. It's where the men that built this magnificent machine lived and raised their families back in the 30's. It, like so many other wide spots on Route 66 has been retrofitted to draw in that elusive tourist dollar. We had lunch at the Little City Grill. Did I mention that the only hard a fast rule of a road trip is "no food from anyplace with a drivethru window? Anyhow, It gets a double thumbs up across the board. The fish and chips I had was a ever so slightly over breaded polock that was off the plate good. Mel finished her Santa Fe wrap before I was done and we both watched a hungry 16 year old struggle to finish his naked omlette. On to Bakersfield.
We blew through Vegas after a brief chat on whether or not to cruise the strip. It was unanimous.
Just across the border in CA. was the most impressive solar farm I've ever even heard about. Wow fits well here. Can't wait to google map it. Did I mention that from the time we left Tusayan until waay past dark in Bakersfield the temp was in the triple digits? Damn it was hot. All day. Hot. No, 97 is hot, this was damned hot. All day.
It was dark when we hit Tehachapi pass. Do you know what a double digit pucker factor is? Tehachapi pass is one. I suspect it's not as bad in the daylight but when you've been driving into the fucking sun for an hour and then the sun goes away but you still get to drive through the mountain pass with one semi good eye and one scortched reina everything changes. I think I pinched a hole in my seat.
The home of George Jones, Bakersfield, did not appear fast enough. If this ever happens again I'll pack muscle relaxers. Big ones. It was a Holiday Inn but his time it had a bar. Things were looking up.
Tomorrow we go see trees. Big trees. The Sequoia National Forest is only an hour up the road and subsequently the main reason for this trip. More tomorrow.
OK Google, I'm not sure why you are being difficult but knock it off. You're starting to act like a fuckin; Microsoft product. All I want to do is post a picture from my gmail to my g blog but oooooooohhh nooooooooo you want me to jump through googlehoops and it's ain't gonna happen so knock it off!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One Long Day

Is over. Karma got me. I was rubbing in the fact that it was 58 and 15 percent humidity yesterday. Today didn't drop to double digits until the sun went down. Won't happen again. Back to Tucumcari.
Headin' west out of Amarillo on I-40 is pretty cool. Metaphorically speaking. It was hotter than the hinges to the gates of hell. But as one sped westward seeking relief that was not there the view south was straight out of Pixar Studios Cars. The shapes of the buttes and or mesas was a great source of entertainment for everyone since we like the movie Cars so much. The first wide spot of note is Tucumcari. Old 66 is main street and again it takes no imagination to step right in to the movie. More than a dozen old "retro" motels advertising rooms for $24.95 a night, a few painted up gas stations and tons of 50's and 60's worn out chunks of Detroit iron. I had a ball. I was alone. Much to my disapproval it was back to the interstate for us. I suppose my incessant whining won out and our new target was "Historic Santa Rosa" I was positively giddy as we made the exit ramp. I was looking for some vintage memories. My wife was not. As we headed farther westward on 66 our options faded. OK time for a 180. We ended up in a stinkin' ass Motel 6. The price was right and that's where it ended. Obviously the No Smoking sign on the door is just a suggestion to some dumbass' and the Clerk could not have been less helpful and still maintained a pulse. Fine. Tom Bodett, Turn the lights out on this one pal. A nice dinner at the Silver Moon cafe, right across the street, was in order. Damn my rotten luck. After waaaaaaaay too long a wait we were treated to so-so Mexican food and one genuinely shitty margarita. And it looked like such a good place to put a restaurant. Not my business but I'd a moved a load of that cheap Chinese junk out of the way and put in another row of benches. But that's just me. Note to self Tucumcari next time. NOT "Historic Santa Rosa". Moving on.
A few words about our ride. It is a 2016 Jeep Compass. If you know me you know I love my Jeep. I don't even like this Compass. Poor design of the driver seat makes spending more than three hours in the seat a chore. I'm not a big guy. I have calluses' on both knees where I'm trapped. The seat itself is ok it just lacks adjustments suitable for a long ride. Let alone a road trip. If you spend any time in the back seat you will first notice there is no center arm rest. That by itself is a deal breaker. The mileage is ok too but at 23/24 on the hi-way it's short of the 30 mpg advertised. All the way around it might be good for daily bopping around town but that's where it stops.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Our next stop was another not on the original but turned out to be awesome. Fire and Ice was the phrase on the billboard and the Ice had my attention. At Grant New Mexico head south about 20 miles. It is run by the Candelaria family and some live on site. Go right from the office and you can truck up the caldera of a volcano that blew up just 10,000 years ago. And with my 90 year old knees it almost didn't even hurt. Ahhh but the best part is if you go left there are two places, one you can walk down into, called ice caves. Yep. Ice. Some smart geologist can tell you why it's there, naturally, but I can tell you it was better than A/C. All I needed was a sleeping bag. Onwards. We drove through the Petrified Forest. Bunch of rocks. They need to work on their PR. Flew through the Painted desert. On the Winslow Az and the meteorite crater. It was only 109 when we got there so most of that time was spent indoors. That and the goddam flying, biting ants that were all over everybody.
It was very cool to watch the massive rain clouds across the barren landscape. That barren needs to be spelt with a capital B. To see lightning 100 miles away is weird but cool. See the flash but don't hold your breath waiting for the thunder clap. We came into the Grand Canyon National Park from the "wrong" end. Meaning we had to drive through the entire length of this section of the park(26 miles) at 20 mph to get to our hotel that was 2 miles outside the park on the other end. We snuck in a few quick peeks but we were ready for the day to be over. Much like now. See you tomorrow and well talk about the second most awesome thing I have ever seen in my life.
PS Jim, Stop by when y'all get back in town. Let's have a scotch on me.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

This might be the end of

National Tequila Day but tomorrow is Hot Fudge Sundae Dae! So there.

Well, I sincerely hope oPepe, the opossum got out of my shop ok. If not it'll be a tad stinky when I get back. Fingers crossed.

We are winding down the third day of our road trip that got off to a somewhat dodgy start thanks to my forgetfulness, Apples maps, EZ Tag and a late start. I found out too late that our newly acquired eztag is not movable between vehicles. WTF? Hey EZTAG, how many cars do you think I can drive at once?! How fuckin' stupid is that? Fine. Plan B. We'll take 610 to 10 to 290. If you are not from Houston this is the most retarded way known to man to get out of Houston on a Friday at 5:30. Plan C, Siri says 59 N to the Grand Parkway is faster. Hey Siri, Anything is faster than plan B. ANYGODAMTHING, Oh well, 59 is moving and we're off to Austin. Guess what Siri left off her Plan C. Grand Pkwy is a toll road. Not a problem, we have plenty of change, Oh what's that you say? No Cash? EZTAG only you say? See Plan A. Fine. Mail Enterprise a goddam ticket cuz it's there car. We'll deal with it next week. The rest of the trip to Austin was fairly uneventful til we got to that abortion of an intersection TXDOT calls 290 and 183. It's history.
A good night sleep and it's off the Palo Duro Canyon. It's a mere 8 hour drive away. We had two options and my navigatress chose the opposite path I had originally laid out. Not sure if if it was the short stop in Post, Texas or if she just wanted to be contrary. For more on Post see January.
At any rate we got a fantastic farmers breakfast just out of Brownwood at a place called the Brandin' Iron. This was the kind of breakfast you would make if you were camping with your buddies. A1. It was just past here that my Navigatress decided on our new path to Amarillo. It only cost us an hour and in the grand scheme of things whats a frigin' hour. Palo Duro is well worth and it was unanimous that we come back. It's just too bad we couldn't do more in our short stay. The down side to Palo Duro is that their shop is run by a commercial third party and much to my dismay they do not have park decals to add to our Texas State Parks collection. They need to revisit that. To the RAT pack we have a plan. More to follow.
Off we go to the world famous Cadillac Ranch. It is just as weird as you imagine it. You have to watch for it though because it's easy to miss. It's just out of Amarillo on the south side of I 40 set off in a corn field. It was worth the 104 degree walk to and from.
New Mexico and the Mother of all roads "Route 66" is a go. Tucumcari is the next stop. And what a stop it is! Pictures when we get a decent connection.
oPepe, I hope all is well. ,  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Waxing Gibbous

Is what we have on National Moon Day.

Well it appears the Civic Club isn't going to do anything special for it's 50th anniversary. Dead from lack of interest. Oh well.

This is what I got from the City Council meeting last night.
Councilwoman Fenwick is organizing a drive for our troops. Leaning towards a possible toy drive for their kids.
Planning and Zoning committee is in need of two bodies.
Chief Cook thanked all who came out and especially those who helped put the march together.
And it sounds like Frank's has sold and we are on the verge of a new restaurant. Winner winner.

Think it's hot here? At least most of us are used to it. Check out some of these poor bastards.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


It's National Daiquiri Day!
The verdict is still not in on my new Masterbuilt electric smoker. I watched way too many videos on the youtube and mine just does not produce smoke like that. I think I’ll fire it up and do a reality check on the thermometer. I’m telling you right now the rack of ribs I pulled off on Saturday looked pathetic. And that was after 6 hours. Sumpm aint right.

Took W flying today. This was his 16th birthday present. What a hoot! Thanks iFLY Houston.

I’m working with some Civic Club folks on getting some new T Shirts/Tanks/Sweatshirts and hats for the Club’s 50th birthday next month. Neighbor Ross and I are also working on an online store for the club. Any ideas other? suggestions? Input? drop me a line. 

Here’s tonight’s agenda. Not sure what happened to 4?

Vern Johnson, Mayor Bryan Hoerner
S. Bud Solmonsson
REGULAR MEETING July 19, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
Al Burns, Mayor Pro Tem Amanda Fenwick Jan Bailey
NOTICE is hereby given of a Regular Meeting of the City Council for the City of Clear Lake Shores, County of Galveston, State of Texas, to be held on the above mentioned date and time at the Club House, 931 Cedar Road, Clear Lake Shores, Texas, for the purpose of considering the following numbered items. The City Council of the City of Clear Lake Shores, Texas, reserves the right to meet in a closed council session on any of the below items should the need arise and if applicable pursuant to authorization by Title 5, Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code.
    Councilwoman Bailey Mayor Pro-Tem Burns Councilman Solmonsson Councilwoman Fenwick Councilman Hoerner Mayor Johnson 
    City Administrator Chief Cook Building Official 
    Roads and Drainage
    Planning and Zoning
    Economic Development Corporation
    Waterfront Compliance
    Parks and Pool Committee
    Landscape and Beautification Advisory Committee Okie's Courtyard Design/Review Committee 
    Linda Merryman - Waterfront Compliance 
    a. Check Register: 06/30/16 thru 07/13/16
    b. Minutes from Regular Meeting held July 5, 2016 
  7. COUNCIL BUSINESS - Discussion and possible action may be taken on the following items: 
a. Appoint Brad Saltaformaggio as a member to the Waterfront Compliance Committee. (City Administrator George Jones)
b. Ordinance 2016-08: An Ordinance authorizing the transfer of funds from the City of Clear Lake Shores to the Clear Lake Shores Economic Development Corporation to
fund the committment to the Okies' Corner Project and amending the General Fund budget to reflect same
c. Presentation by Chief Cook, followed by discussion with City Council regarding establishment of a marine enforcement unit, costs and staffing. City Council to provide guidance to staff.


Monday, July 18, 2016

Now Baton Rouge

WTF is going on here? Mother of Pearl where are we heading? This is worse than crazy. How the hell does this get fixed. I'm glad we live in our little bubble of paradise where we just marched in support of and with our local PD. They have our back and I hope they know we have theirs. The rest of you poor bastards need to take notes.

Ever notice all the casino billboards? At the bottom they have this ".. gambling problem? call 800.."
Does this mean that Kroger signs will soon be sporting "Fat? call 800 Jenny...?

Hows all this Saharan dust working on your allergies?  THat's what this haze is. Yep. Dust from the freakin Saraha desert.

So Blue Bell has a new flavor. I'm happy for them but where the hell is the BEST FLAVOR EVER? Pecan Pralines and Cream! Waaaa.

Going looking for this sign soon.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Happy Friday Clear Lake Shores

It's National Give Something Away Day. Try to make it a tad more than bad advice this time.

 Sunday at Paul Shelley Pavilion is the place to be. Back The Blue Community March will begin at noon and end with hot dogs and burgers all for a donation that will go to SUPPORT OUR BLUE. Shirts will sell for $20 each.

In 1979 the first space station came home. In pieces and mostly scattered across the Pacific but Skylab came home just the same. What? You thought Mir was the first Space Station?! Nyet.

Looks like the religion of peace has had a busy year.
Libya, Somalia, Israel, Afganistan, Bahraain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Central African Republic, Chad, Chechnya, Dagestan, DRC, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ingushetia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malasia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Phillipines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Somalia, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, USA, Yemen.
52 countries in just six months. Thats right, this is just the first six months of 2016. Looks like WW III is here and we're sleeping right through it.
Have a great weekend ya'll!
PS. The hi in Portland today will be 75.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Amazing Fact 57012

Goldfish can distinguish the music of one composer from another. Who knew?

Anyone make it to the EDC meeting last night? I missed it. Spent a little too much time visiting and I let time get away from me. Next thing I knew dinner was late and I missed the meeting. Dang it!

Any Houston Chronicle weather page fans out there? They completely screwed up the stats page. I used to watch the rainfall totals, tide times and all sorts of other stuff. All gone. What’s your go to wether site? does it have rainfall totals? 

The new AC is in the old camper. It barely holds it’s own against the July heat but at nighttime it is doable. The question I have is where is the condensate? It has a hard plumbed drain and a holding pan that will turn of the unit if it gets full but I got nuthin’. Odd. 

To all you Hemingway aficionados out there, What the hell? It’s been a week on AMF and it’s a fight I don’t know if I can win. Waaaaayy too many ands. Painful.

This is for all my BLM friends. Kidding. I don’t hang with those


Monday, July 11, 2016

National Mojito Day.

Anyone remember when the Delasadris' would make mojitos all night long ? We miss you Tommy  and Marcy.

A few weeks back whilst yakking with some buds about who got here and when, I wondered out loud who’s been here longest? A few names posed up Buzz, Jan, Bambi, Chuck. SO I think I’ll ask them next time I see ‘em. I did see Eva and posed the question, Eve when did you move to Clear Lake Shores? She didn’t skip a beat when she said 1955. Damn.

Neighbor Mike has some news for every buggie owner. He’s found a new source for batteries and he says he couldn’t be happier. If you’re in the market and haven’t picked a vendor you may want to give this guy a ring.
Tommy Mock
Republic Batteries
713 645 2141

Neighbor Rob says they're getting close to starting on the Captain Okies corner. I'm stoked. Speaking off, The EDC meeting is tonight tomorrow night and It's in the conference room at City Hall.

The new AC in the old camper is struggling with this Texas July. I has to be because of all the windows because I stuffed insulation in every crack in the damned thing. After it gets in the shade the temp comes down from the mid 80s. But only after its in the shade. 

Road trip is making way. First night is Albuquerque and second night is the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Can’t wait. 

From the Amazing Fact Generator “ Black-Eyed Peas aren’t peas, but beans. And Coffee beans aren’t beans , but seeds”

well crap.

Friday, July 8, 2016

We Are Dallas

You saw all the videos. The goodguys can be picked out by the direction they are running as it pertains to danger.

It’s still National Chocolate with Almonds day

The Civic Club meeting was last night. You were missed. And you missed some pretty good pizza. 

Tomorrow is the Island Clean Up day. Greg, Pam and Silas Linbeck are the organizers. It will take place on land and in the water. If you would like to join in the fun you need to be at the Paul Shelley Pavilion at 9 tomorrow so you can pick your assignment.
Myself, Ross, Teresa and Roz are working on t shirts and such for the Clubs 50th with is next month. Input? Now is the time. 

Road trip is back on. The hurtle was heading west and trying not to stop in a desert. Huge hurtle. Plan B is head north from Austin and the first stop will be Palo Duro canyon. Then west through Albuquerque. It’s shaping up nicely. 

Now to test the effect of the new AC in the old camper. A Texas July will indeed be a test.

I wonder how long it will take for me to get used to not having a dog?

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

National Fried Chicken day

She was a good dog and by any account had hit the doggy lotto. Basically a rescue dog she had 17 years firmly in the rearview mirror. The last 15 plus right here in paradise. She can chase tennis balls for eternity. RIP Tinker.

6 years, 404,628 Page views, 868 Posts and 6,222 comments. All posted few removed. What a long strange trip it's been.

Interesting meeting last night. Sounds like Frank has a serious offer on his shop. Some lady want to turn it into a restaurant. Sounds like fun. There will also soon be a new WiFi spot at the pool. And if your motorized vessel can fit under the bridge you can drive it in Jarboe Bayou. It's official.

Did you hear about our neighbor who, returning to his slip, ran over some unattended fishing lines in the channel? Punkin heads called the police on him. It's all third party info but the way I understand it our local officers asked said boater to apologize? There has to be more to it. I'm think' I would have my boat hauled to remove said fishing lines and hand the bill to dumbasses fishing in the channel. But that's just me.

On the 2011 Czech Republic census over 15,000 people listed their religion as "Jedi"

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Well, it's gonna be tough but

It's National Bikini Day AND National Graham Cracker Day. If you had to pick one...

Hope everyone had a great Fourth. Happy Birthday America. Did you make it to Jarboe for all the fun? Too bad for you if you didn't. She's not a "new" Islander but after yesterday she has definitely earned her stripes. A big shout out to Roz (and Terry) Smith for volunteering to Chair the biggest event your Civic Club puts on. And for the first time ever we were treated to an amazing acapella version of the Star Spangled Banner by an equally amazing young lady. Wow. Just, wow.

On to "A Moveable Feast" I'm trying.

Some interesting stuff on the agenda at tonights City Council meeting.

Vern Johnson, Mayor Bryan Hoerner
S. Bud Solmonsson


REGULAR MEETING July 5, 2016 @ 7:00 P.M.
Al Burns, Mayor Pro Tem Amanda Fenwick Jan Bailey
NOTICE is hereby given of a Regular Meeting of the City Council for the City of Clear Lake Shores, County of Galveston, State of Texas, to be held on the above mentioned date and time at the Club House, 931 Cedar Road, Clear Lake Shores, Texas, for the purpose of considering the following numbered items. The City Council of the City of Clear Lake Shores, Texas, reserves the right to meet in a closed council session on any of the below items should the need arise and if applicable pursuant to authorization by Title 5, Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code.
    Councilwoman Bailey Councilman Hoerner Mayor Pro-Tem Burns Councilwoman Fenwick Councilman Solmonsson Mayor Johnson
    City Administrator Police Chief Cook
    1. Check Register: 06/15/16 thru 06/29/16
    2. Minutes from Regular Meeting held May 17, 2016
  7. COUNCIL BUSINESS - Discussion and possible action may be taken on the following items:
    1. Resolution 2016-07: A Resolution of the City of Clear Lake Shores to endorse the newly elected Galveston County United Board of Health Member Tripp Montalbo. (City Administrator George Jones)
    2. Approve amendment to the General Pool Rules of the Clear Lake Shores Community Pool Fees, Rules and Regulations. (City Administrator George Jones)
    3. Ordinance 2016-07: An Ordinance repealing Section 66-219 of the City of Clear Lake Shores Municipal Code pertaining to the prohibition of motor driven vessels or watercraft in Jarbo Bayou East of Clear Lake Road. (City Administrator George Jones)
    4. Resolution 2016-08: A Resolution of the City of Clear Lake Shores Council requesting the legislature to modify existing statures to authorize General Law Municipalities the clear authority to adopt ordinances creating safe zones protecting the publid from registered sex offenders.
    5. Resolution 2016-09: A Resolution of the City of Clear Lake Shores City Council calling on the 85th Regular Legislature of the State of Texas to adopt legislation amending procedures for annexation of territory by Type A, B and C municipalities.

f. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Pursuant to the Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551 Texas Government Code Sec. 551.072: a closed session to deliberate the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property.
g. Action from EXECUTIVE SESSION: Pursuant to the Open Meetings Act, Chapter 5 551 Texas Government Code Sec. 551.072: take action, if any, on discussion item of closed session to deliberate the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property.
I, Christy Stroup, City Secretary, certify that this Notice of Meeting was posted on the outside bulletin board at 931 Cedar Drive on or before Friday, July 1st, 2016.