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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Whiskey and keyboards

Never go together. Or should I say rarely? As in never say never? Moving on. It’s Flag Day here in the USofA. It’s also Strawberry shortcake day, National Bourbon day and for whatever reason It’s National Pop goes the weasel day. On a larger scale it’s also International Bath Day. Go where you will.

I’m flummoxed about the shit that just went down in Orlando. By all accounts this US Citizen had been vetted by DHS. Aren’t these the same punkin heads that are doing the background checks on all the Muslim refugees from Syria? Dudes, If you missed this one WTF makes you qualified to OK someone from a country that’s on FUCKING FIRE?
I get the age old axiom that you can’t stop a dedicated lone wolf. I do, I get it, it’s a solid theory. But it sure sounds like there were bells and whistles going off all around this piece of shit that were missed/ignored/overlooked. It’s easy to be an armchair quarterback so I’ll stop now. I guess I’m just glad I don’t have your job. 
And to think, we had one moron with a gun that shot up a church and murdered some wonderful people. He had a Confederate flag decal on his truck and we couldn’t strip those flags from our public places fast enough. Shit, then we went after anything and anybody who was related to to the South in the Civil War and God forbid if they or anyone they knew had ever had a slave. Statues are still being removed and schools are being renamed. But this human stain in Orlando is cool? Him and San Bernadino and Boston and their Icons are still cool. America we are upside down. Again, Thank you mister President. Your are our Commander in Chief. I did not vote for you. I do not support you. I can’t wait for your dumb ass to get the fuck out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But you are my President. And I am ashamed. 

Folks, you and I did not create this problem. The people in Washington DC did. I lived there for a few years and what a wondrous place it is. It is truly an American Treasure. Except for all the politicians that live there. My only problem with term limits is that it dictates who I can and cannot vote for. And that is fundamentally wrong. For the life of me I do not see any other way out of this mess other than to vote out every sonofabitch that currently holds office. I know, I know it’s the old don’t throw out the baby with the bath water but like I said earlier they are the ones who have screwed everything up , not you, and not me. I have a sad history of voting Independent and we all know how that's gone. But I’m open for suggestions. One thing is clear in my mind. No more career politicians. None. 8 years then go home. You’ve made your millions. Unless you’re “lucky” in cattle futures and make 10 millions. Lyin' whore. 
I rest my case. Go home assholes. The only you are fixing is your retirement checks. Mr. Trump, you have my vote.

And for the folks who set their children on fire....

I need to vomit.......

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