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Thursday, June 30, 2016

How appropriate

It's Social Media Day. I don't know if blogs count so maybe I'll check my faceplace page. For the second time this year.

I know you're dying to find out how the Chinook went down. It took about 90 minutes for the built in probe to hit 140 degrees. I pulled the salmon off and let it rest for a bit before the taste test. In prep I rubbed a little butter, garlic powder, dill and added some fresh ground pepper. I took the first bite and my nitpicky teenager took the second bite. While I was wondering if the garlic was a tad too much I got a huge thumbs up from W. That it a good thing. The more I ate the better it got. When the mama got home even she liked it. It seems the subtle smoke from an electric unit is right on the money. I will put this squarely in the win column.

Ah Hemingway. The first guy got his head blown off by his wife, The next guy was gutted like a fish by his friend and the third guy spent more time hallucinating from gangrene before he sluffed off his mortal coils. I can't wait for a cheery story. I think I'm starting to see a pattern?

Huge weekend coming up. Don't forget to renew your Civic CLub membership at the park on the 4th. Stop by and watch neighbor Rob and his East Side crew cook a couple hundred hotdogs. That'll be a show all by itself. And if you can lend a hand please contact the club. You can use the link on the right.

Tire mogul Harvey Firestone gave President Calvin Coolidge a pygmy hippopotamus in 1927. Today, Many of the pygmy hippos in U.S. zoos are that hippos descendants.

Thank Mental Floss.

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Anonymous said...

how is it that we have 2 sex offenders in our community?!! I thought you couldn't be a registered sex offender and stay in our fine neighborhood! wth? what about our kids?! what about us? omg should I be afraid to walk the street???? Hello? Police?