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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

And a Happy New Year to all

well, almost all. Let's face it there are some assholes out there.

It's National Bird Day!

It's not on my bucket list but nowI can say I have been through a bonafide blizzard.  As we scooted across the llano estacado winter storm Goliath caught up to us in the storied little central Texas town of Post. It was founded by CW Post of cereal fame.And catch us it did. We left Austin that morning with a major winter storm well to our south. Our weather was very good until early afternoon. That's when shit started going downhill like a pig on literal ice skates.  We made the call to hunker down when before our very eyes US Hwy 380 started to disappear. We got to the Post Best Western in the nick of time. The line started forming behind us and it didn't take long for the No Vacancy sigh to pop up on the door. We were able to get out to a local place called Georges on that first night. Good eats by all measures.

We listened as they all discussed shutting down early so folks could get home. We woke to a blinding white frozen mess. Short version is after the tow truck pulled us out of the snow bank we called the Best Western to see if we could "uncheckout".

The answer was yep., didn't even know you were gone. WE broke the air dam off the Pacifica getting in to the parking lot of the hotel. After finding out that Post and all connecting paved surfaces were officially closed we sought sustenance. Not surprisingly the few that were open were not capable of delivery. Our miserable attempt at getting out of the parking lot to seek warm food was just that. Gas station tamales, M&Ms (peanut and mint) and a bottle of vodka would have to do. And it did.

Third day found the bulk of Goliath somewhere in the midwest. At least those folks are equipped to handle such nonsense. I wished them well and sought a way to paved surfaces pointing west. After chipping 3" thick ice from around our trusty Chrysler we finally made it out of Hotel California. Shear brute force of momentum propelled us to Hwy 84. We had no confirmation the roads were open but since room 109 had shrunk to about 4 x 6 we decided to chance it. The main street in Post was a screaming bloody and icy mess but once we made it to the county line 380 looked great. All reports still showed the New Mexico stretch in to Roswell and Ruidoso closed but that didn't stop us. It scared the crap out of us as we approached Roswell and a new snowstorm. Once thru Roswell the snow let up a tad but the roads were in great shape and  a couple of hours later we were in the cabin with the rest of the gang. It's official, I'm done with snow.

After having the last week "off" I'm back on the trailer. progress floor plan has been OK'd by the boss so I started moving furniture in and nailing it down. Pictures to follow.

Mancakes is coming up and unfortunately I'll be out of town. Anyone interested in stepping up?

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