Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

National Chocolate Candy Day is today.

That's a tough one to beat.

Numbers, we got numbers.
Todays post makes 948.
There have been 418,115 page views that generated 6,285 comments mostly from friends and/or neighbors.
This site is regularly visited by folks from 10 different countries and Firefox is the most popular browser at 30%.
In 29 days this site will be 6 years old.
There are 361 shopping days till Christmas and like it or don't 2016 will become history in 3 more days.
President Elect Trump will be sworn in in 23 days, and I don't give one little shit about who won the popular vote.
The 35th Annual Chili Cook off and Birthday Bash at Raynel's house is only 31 days away,
And our City elections are about 116 days out.
I'm exhausted.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Well the chili isn't a total write off. Adding milk then cheese didn't do much to cool it off. I mixed it with a can of Wolf brand and that did the trick. It also changed the flavor. Can't win with this one. It was mighty tasty with two over easy's and some toast this morning.

Speaking of chili, Think about those miserably cold winter days, all dreary and nasty. And what a treat a nice bowl of chili is on those days, an absolute ray of sunshine in a bowl. Well that's not today. It's mostly sunny and will reach the low 70s. This is why we live in Texas. And we will have one hell of a time at the 35th annual Chili Cook-off on Narcissus. I say on Narcissus instead of Craig and Raynels' place because it hasn't been contained to their place for decades. It is literally on Narcissus. All are welcome so come on down. At this stage of the game it's more like a family reunion anyway. Hope to see you there. Oh, The 28th. 

To any and all Jeepsters out there, I have a Bikini top for a 97-02 TJ. It's Spice and just out of the box. Your's for the coming and getting. I changed my top to black a few years back so this just won't do. Besides, Santa bought me a new one.

Hope you had one.

PS. Word on the street is McNamara is running for Mayor in May. Pass the word. Except to Sandy, He wants to surprise her. You got my vote Mike!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

It's Forefather's Day.

This holiday is observed in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on December 22. It is a commemoration of the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on December 21, 1620. It was introduced in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1769.

Missed snow day, How was it? was there a crowd? Wyatt and I were working on a Latin project of his. I providing supervision of the power tools.  It'll be a Roman style bow, as in bow and arrow, when we are done. I hope.

Ever eat something so hot it makes your nose run? Me too. I made my first pot of chili of the season last night. I've been making this same recipe for a very long time so there a very few surprises in the final product. There's always gonna be a little tweaking here and there given that no two jalapenos are alike. That goes for the onions and meat as well. Well  one of the last things that go in is the the chili powder. The stuff I have is in a round bottle It's nothing special but the mix adds a nice overall flavor. My recipe calls for three tablespoons and then add the fuel AKA cayenne in smaller doses to heat it up a bit. After three tbsps there was a tad left so I just dumped it in also. No biggie. After tapping out that last bit from the square bottle in my hand I found it curious the bottle changing shapes like that. This could lead to a terrible mixup as the brand of red Cayenne I use also comes in a square bottle. Thank goodness I didn't mix up the cayenne and the chili powd...Damn. This situation has the potential to turn to shit real fast. OK we'll let it cook and check it out in the morning. Sweet Jesus, Joseph and Mary that shit is hot. Time to add a few extras to cool this shit off. I think it ate a hole in the crock pot liner. I just hope it stopped there.  I don't see any on the counter so maybe I'll dodge that bullet. Come on Ice Cream!! If you laughed then you remember that joke. I'll let you know what happened tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It's the First Day of Winter

But not the shortest day of the year. That was two weeks ago. Tonights sunset is 4 minutes longer than one week ago. And maybe the drought is officially over since we are ending 2016 with 14 inches more rain that 2015.

Thanks to all you Caroling Carters who put up with the really cold temps Sunday night just to ride around our little pile of mud and sing some awesome Christmas Carols to the rest of us. Thank you so much. That's a part of what makes this place so great.

Did you get your little ones out last night to see Santa? I asked but mine said no. The first time in 15 years he didn't run out to see "the big guy" on the fire truck. Oh well, I knew it was coming.

Here's one for all the guys. You know who you are. What the hell make nose and ear start growing after a certain age. anon is turned on.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

It's National Wright Brothers Day.

On December 17, 1903, the first plane carrying one man flew for just 59 seconds for a short 852 feet thanks to the engineering of the Wright brothers.
1903. Noe we have color pictures of other planets. Amazing. Proud to have spent 20 years with Lockheed Martin who is a huge part of that history. 

Ready or not here come winter. If you're not from here our air conditioner has been running all day. 80 degrees f and 96% humidity. Starting sometime arounf midnight the cold front gets here and we'll wake up to something in the 40s. To listen to the local weather folks you'd think the next ice age is here. I think most of us will survive. 

Anyone read the story in the UK papers about the one republican elector who will not vote for Trump? Turns out he's a real peach. The NY Times says they fact checked their story so you can take that for whats it's worth. Short version? Just another feckless liar added to the cesspool that are determined not to give PE Trump a fair shot. Wasn't a first responder at 911 like he claimed, not a EMT for lifeflight, not a lot of shit plus not an honest person. Surprised? How come I'm not really......

Babies have more bones in their bodies than adults. As the babies grow older, some bones eventually fuse together (like in the skull), resulting in fewer bones as an adult. Thanks Amazing Fact generator.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Only 9 Shopping days left...

But on the upside it’s National Cupcake Day! SCORE!

Sad day on West Shore. Two words. Theda Darling. As true a treasure as any neighborhood could hope for. Yes she’s been gone for quite a while now but the memory of her and Mai Tai making their rounds to sunset will be with us longer than her cute red house. Another one bites the dust.

I"m not entirely sure how I feel about all these “celebrity” talking heads telling our National Electors what to do. I am certain I don’t like it. Who the hell do you think you are Martin Sheen? I’m pretty sure you became irrelevant somewhere in the 90’s. You are puppets. You read shit that other people pay you to read. You’re mostly not even smart enough to write it yourself. Yet you feel qualified to pass your judgment on my sanity and the President elects ability's. Some how and for God knows what reason you think a mans ability to make a few billion dollars is less than a second rate community organizer from the murder capitol of the US? Are you shittin” me?  Do the world a favor and shut the fuck up , sit down and go vote in 4 years. Aside from a few other loud mouths no one really wants to listen to your shit. Please stop before you embarrass yourself any further. Assholes. And for the folks preaching against bullying, how about you start with your fellow libtards and tell them to stop bullying the electors? The poor old lady in Arizona who has received over 50,000 emails ? You and I both know there are not 50,000 people out there who care that much, it’s done by some d bag who created a spam bot and got this poor ladys email address. What a turd. And death threats? You people suck. Yeah, yeah I know, the only bully's are on your right. Like all those Occupy D bags. Oh wait those were libtards too. My bad. Maybe it’s just me but a lot of you folks sound like hysterical children. I’m not mad at you, disgusted to be sure, and a little disappointed, It’s your parents that make me want to vomit. Did they really teach you that this type of behavior, in public no less, is acceptable. Parent FAIL. To paraphrase our soon to be ex president, He won. Deal with it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's National Cocoa Day

Or you can go weird and celebrate National Pick a Pathologist Day, could be a toughie. Said no one.

My AV software says I have some d-bags spyware on my Mac. Not unheard of but it’s a first for me. Time for some house cleaning. 

Big Happy Birthday to the National Guard! 
The Guard traces its birthday to Dec. 13, 1636, when the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony passed a law establishing formal militia companies consisting of all adult males older than 16. That makes the guard 380 years old! Who knew?

Finally got the updated pics for Okies Corner. You know this shot
From the door looking toward Marina Bay
This makes it an Official Icehouse!
Here's the Maestro in the kitchen

He was showing me ALL the sinks. Seems, according to the Health Department if a room has "food" in it it has to has a three compartment sink. Okies has 4 three compartment sinks in about 1400 sq feet. Overkill much? And Thanks to the ADA the bathrooms are huge! but still only two holers. I could write a months blog on the ridiculousness of the ADA. If there was ever a poster child for Government idiocracy it goes there. 

Dumbest shit I read to day:
It's not 'he' and 'she'. It's 'ze': Oxford University union tells students to use gender neutral pronouns so as 'not to offend transgender undergraduates

Instead of making up a new word why not use “It” ? Too simple. 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Noble Peace Prize day

So when do they give our President elect his Prize?

Moving on... the 55th annual is tonight!


6:00 pm

Ring in the holidays with this Clear Lake tradition. More than 100,000 people traditionally enjoy this event from land and from hundreds of boats anchored throughout the Lake  The parade features more than 100 brightly decorated power and sailboats that will traverse the Clear Lake channel from the South Shore Harbour Marina and the Nassau Bay Lagoon to Galveston Bay.

Sweet Mother of God this poor thing was arrested for prostitution.
My question is who ....i retract the question.

Friday, December 9, 2016

National Pastry Day

Looks like winter is here to stay. They say there’s another cold front on the way. Ooh, that rhymes. s'posed be here Thursday. 

Civic Club Christmas Party is tonight!! 

Looks like "Fake News" is the topic du jour. The feds want to "fix" it. Isn't that awfully close to screwing with my free speech? I get the whole "can't yell fire" aspect of free speech but I'm not sure "fake news" qualifies. The way I see it, It's a lot like the old he said /she said scenario. Discounting the dumbasses who can and often do take any given statement to extreme doesn't it all boil down to caveat emptor? If you only ever watch NBC won't that affect your perception on any given topic? I never watched NBC because if you grew up in Houston and did not live on the southwest side of town you just couldn't get channel 2. Foil on the antenna did not help. I used to be an avid ABC watcher. I loved Ted Koppel when i could stay up that late. But back in the early 80's I was watching the late Peter Jennings report on Reagan and at the end of his statement he raised his left eyebrow all the way into his hair line. I know when I do that it screams "you are shittin' me right?" That was my first hint that I was no longer getting news for me to digest, I was getting some talking heads opinion of what he thought I should know. I switched to HeadLine News. I still have a crush on Lynn Russell. Have you seen HNN lately? Meh. Enter FNC. This is where I tell you I do not give one tiny little shit about your news source opinions and I ask you to reciprocate. I watch and read many and not all are US based. Helps me decide. Seems to me if you get your news from several sources it would help one to make up your mind and aid in weeding out the bullshit. Not like there's a shortage of that floating around eh? So then the whole fake news outrage , like every other fucking outrage, could be boiled down to a self inflicted wound. And that's on you. If that's all you want, then that's all you get and you need to learn how to process that. And please don't try to make it someone else's problem. 

A few weeks ago I asked, rhetorically, how long it would take for the losers to quit whining. Then I read where fat bot is calling for ll sorts of disruption at next years inauguration. Someone refresh my memory, was there a planned disruption for 
either of President Obama's inauguration's? 
“If there is one thing I’ve learned in my years on this planet, it’s that the happiest and most fulfilled people I’ve known are those who devoted themselves to something bigger and more profound than merely their own self interest,”
Godspeed John Glenn 

In car design circles, a hood ornament is properly called a "mascot." The first American automobile to sport a mascot was the 1912 Cadillac. Courtesy of the Amazing Fact Generator.

Have a great weekend Clear Lake Shores.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Happy Hump Day

And it’s not like anyone would forget but it’s Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. 75 years ago. Wow, I’m getting old. Watched a few WWII shows on the tube all week. That was my Dad,  and a couple of his brothers. One Uncle survived Normandy and another survived a Japanese POW camp in the Philippines. Makes my boat ride to Tonkin Gulf seem small. 

And on a happier note, President elect Trump has been named Time’s Man of the Year. I’m not sure what that’s worth though. I guess next he’ll get a call from Oslo. Right? 

If you missed the meeting last night you missed a lot. Here’s what I heard.
Some of our folks met with TXDOT on the 146 expansion. Their original plan was to bypass us all together but with a ton of bitchin’ from Kemah they are looking at other options.
Okies Corner is looking better
Star Art Gallery is going tango uniform and looking for options. She suggested a City sponsored art center, which she would run. Maybe even an art walk like they have in Galveston? I’m not seeing that at all. Just me?
Passed, passed and passed and the Jammin’ on Jarboe budget got a raise. They got a raise earlier this year (up 1K) and tonight they bumped it up another 1.5K.
Councilman Hoerner’s resignation due to working away from home was not only accepted but, as suggested, Diana Hoerner was asked to sit in for the duration of Bryan’s term. Welcome Councilwoman Hoerner.  
Councilman Burns noted that he will try to sit out his term but he may have to leave earlier as well. 
Next meeting is in January. 

Kudos to Texas A&M for showing the world how it’s done right. They hosted a card carrying dumbass, the majority protested. There were no beat downs, shootings or fires. No crying, moaning and whining. No pleas for a safe room, or mommy or an analyst. Maybe there is hope. Gig ‘Em Aggies. 

Sofia Vergara being sued by her own embryos
I think this is a clear case of too many lawyers.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

It's National Sock Day again.

And it's Definitely December. Looks like we'll finish out the year with a 14+" rain fall surplus. Depending on how much more we get before it stops. My front deck rain Gage has collected over 6 inches in the past 24 hours. That's a lot of rain.

I will keep trying to get updated pics of the new Okies Corner for the blog but Rob and I have been missing each other for over a week. We'll get there.

Dog story with a happy ending. The dumped dog from last week has been reunited with it's owner. Great neighbors took him to the groomer and got him cleaned up. Then someone recognized it as a possible lost dog. Owners were contacted and Voila! Win Win Win. That's just good Karma. Can't wait for it to catch up with the dumpers.

Here's the City Agenda for Tuesday's meeting. It's a definite need to be there.

Vern Johnson, Mayor Bryan Hoerner
S. Bud Solmonsson


REGULAR MEETING December 6, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
Al Burns, Mayor Pro Tem Amanda Fenwick Jan Bailey
NOTICE is hereby given of a Regular Meeting of the City Council for the City of Clear Lake Shores, County of Galveston, State of Texas, to be held on the above mentioned date and time at the Club House, 931 Cedar Road, Clear Lake Shores, Texas, for the purpose of considering the following numbered items. The City Council of the City of Clear Lake Shores, Texas, reserves the right to meet in a closed council session on any of the below items should the need arise and if applicable pursuant to authorization by Title 5, Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code.
    Councilwoman Bailey Mayor Pro-Tem Burns Councilman Solmonsson Councilwoman Fenwick Councilman Hoerner Mayor Johnson
    City Administrator George Jones Police Department report Building Official Kevin Harrell
    a. Check Register: Nov. 10th thru Nov. 30, 2016
    b. Minutes from Regular Meeting held November 15, 2016

  7. COUNCIL BUSINESS - Discussion and possible action may be taken on the following items:
    1. Acquisition of 9 laptop computers with docking stations, pedestal stands and appropriate connecting hardware at a cost not to exceed $42,255.09
      (City Administrator)
    2. Approve Change Order No. 4 in the amount of $10,404.00 for the Birch Road and North Shore Drive road project. (City Administrator George Jones)
    c. Approve Ordinance 2016-12: An Ordinance adopting amendment no. 1 to the General Fund Budget for the City of Clear Lake Shores, Texas for the Fiscal Year 2016-2017, increasing the appropriation for the concert series and decreasing the appropriation for contractual services in the City Council budget.
    (City Administrator George Jones)
    d. Accept Councilman Bryan Hoerner's resignation from City Council. (City Administrator George Jones)
    e. Appoint Council person to fill the vacant seat due to Bryan Hoerner's resignation.
    (City Administrator George Jones)

Keep your feet dry. I'm gonna go check my bilge pump...

Thursday, December 1, 2016

It's December already ?

Plus, It's National Rosa Parks Day.
Rosa Parks Day is an American holiday celebrated on February 4 or December 1 in honor of the civil rights leader Rosa Parks.
On December 1, 1955, after a long day of work Rosa Parks boarded a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. She took her seat in the ‘colored’ section, but as she rode the Cleveland Avenue bus home, the bus began to fill.
The Montgomery city ordinance allowed bus drivers to assign seating. However, it did not permit them to demand a passenger give up their seat. Despite this, bus drivers had customarily required black passengers to give up their seats to white passengers when the public transportation became full.
When Rosa Parks was asked to give up her seat, she refused. She was arrested and what followed is Civil Rights history. She was found guilty on December 5, 1955, of violating the city ordinance and fined $10 plus a court fee.
This Lady had a set. 

I volunteered as a chaperone for a school outing yesterday. It was for the aquatic sciences class so we went to the aquarium and rain forest at Moody Gardens in Galveston. As nice as it was if you plan on making the trip wait until after May 2017. easily half of the aquarium was closed for a whole host of reasons. Upgrades, updates and it looks like a lot of new stuff but you have to wait until May. The rainforest was pretty cool.

I'm gonna see if I can sneak in to Okies Corner and get a couple of pics for the blog. I better do it now, looks like we have a wet, cool weekend coming up. 

2017 is 30 days away. Can't quite.....

Anyone have a chance to try out the newest Island business?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's National Day of Giving

and it's Tuesday. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Never having been a big fan of turkey we are always on the lookout for something a little different. This year we had lamb. Our first time out we baked it in the oven and followed all the directions on the label. It was a little dry but edible. Quite tasty, and MJ added the obligatory mint sauce. Not bad at all. I think we'll do this again but pull it off the fire a few degrees early.

Sitting around a neighbors fire pit this weekend. Talk came up to the item that they had been robbed earlier in the week. They were not the only ones. That pisses me off. What broke my heart was to find out that it wasn't "contractors" or "garage sale people" or visitors. Out finest was quick to act and restitution was made and agreed to. Mostly.

Then there is the douchebag in the tan sedan that stopped just long enough at CLR and Forest to throw his dog out. Thank God for good folks like my neighbors who finally got it calmed down and took it ogg the street. There is a special place in hell for people like that.

Xenophobia has been titled "Word of the year" by Fear or hatred of foreigners. Hmmph.

CNN says they are looking for answrs in the OSU shooting. I thought the terrorist was pretty clear on his Facebook post. But thats just me.

Too much downer news lately. Thank God the Country elected Trump or there wouldn't be any upside. 😏

Off to the Post Office....

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Eve,

Dumbest thing I read today. So far. It's still early.
Denver Sheriff's Department fined $10K for hiring only US citizens

I’ll spend too much time trying to make sense of this one. 
And this one beat out another DOJ action. Suing a city for not allowing a mosque to be built for safety violations. Time for a regime change at the DOJ.

I won't bring up the fact that California is looking at ways to secede. I'm just waving bye bye.

If you are traveling over the holidays please be as safe as you know how to be and watch out for the knuckleheads. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cold Front's Here

Duh. Got back from the latest Taekwondo last night. This was W's second outing as a Blackbelt. It was also his schools first sponsored tournament. As with an event this size, 1500 people, there will be issues but overall I think these folks did great. Wyatt got his intro in the Big League's at this outing. He faced a few 2nd and 3rd degree Black Belts in different event. You have to be a 1st degree for minimum of 1 year to advance to 2nd degree, 2 years minimum to got to 3rd so some of the competition was stiff to say the least. Stiff is the wrong word. It was awesome. Some of them are like watching a gymnast, holding a sword. Or two. Anyway he's my bragging dad photo. 4 First Place 1 Third. Great job Son.
Did I mention the medals glow in the dark? Pretty cool. It was a long day all the way around.
Time to go put the boat in the water where it belongs. I need my driveway back.

Have a great weekend Clear Lake Shores.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Great American Smoke Out

Is today! The last Thursday before Thanksgiving. 
Evolving from a series of small-scale initiatives, the first Great American Smokeout was held on November 16, 1977, in San Francisco’s Union Square.
  • 1970 – Randolph, Massachusetts – Arthur P. Mullaney suggested people give up cigarettes for a day donating the money to a local high school.
  • 1974 – Monticello, Minnesota – Lynn R. Smith of the Monticello Times promoted a “Don’t Smoke Day”.
  • 1976 – November 18, The California Division of the American Cancer Society successfully prompted nearly one million smokers to quit for the day.
How many used to smoke? Still smoking? How long ago did you quit? It's been 20 years for me. Hardest thing I've ever done in my life and glad of it.

Who's ready for a cold front? You better be cuz ready or not...

Okies Bar and Grill is shaping right up. 

Ever think about getting your car or truck detailed? Well it doesn't get any easier than this and they're locals! PS. Please post a review here for the rest of your neighbors to see.  Thanks.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

So it's National

Button Day. Imagine that.
Short and sweet is the definition of last nights Council meeting. I got there a few minutes after the start and caught the tail end of Councilman Fenwicks' update. She was briefing the room about a meeting she recently attended. It covered several topics and what little I caught sounded interesting.
Okies corner project is focussing on finishing the restrooms so they can get rid of the lovely port-a-cans out front.
Bet you could guess they are running into problems with the N Shore repave.
The CLSPD is once again fully staffed with the hiring of officer Austin Cavalera(sp?). Welcome aboard officer.
Parks & Pool is looking for helpers to decorate for Christmas. If you are interested be at City Hall 9AM on the 28th.
Looking at a No Fishing ordinance that will span the bridge to Horton's water front.
The wildlife signs for the parks are in and will be up soon.
No report from the Civic Club but someone said they sold close to 200 plates for the Thanksgiving Feast. Bravo!! The "Juice bar" made over $200 for the Scholarship fund.
All the Waterfront transfers passed as did the item d. And we were out at 7:40.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy National Spicy Guacamole day

Or National Pickle day if you'd rather. What a gorgeous weekend and so far today is looking even better. I guess there are a couple of ways to celebrate the fact that summer is finally over. Local tree rats are like
Or with even more pizazz you can attempt this. Boardin' like a boss.
Note. You damn well better have your shit in one sock before you go there. Yes. That is a beanbag chair. Rock on Neighbor!!

Did you watch  60 minutes last night? I did. Seems some of the media is still confused. Lesley Stahl kept referring to Trumps "surprising" win. Methinks the reason they are still surprised is simply because they were too busy listening to themselves. They should have been listening to us. But I guess it's only fair. I quit listening to them years ago.

Here's an example of what the hell is wrong. The Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, (guess which letter follows her name) has ordered her National Guard to block off all entrance ramps to the freeway so the "protestors" blocking the freeway wouldn't get hurt. What a moron.

And the d-bag leading the senate minority is howling about the fact that the popular vote winner didn't win. Do the good people of Nevada realize they elected a dumbass?

Kudos the the Civic Club for putting on the annual Thanksgiving Feast. Perfect weather, Great turnout and awesome food. Job well done to all. 

Here's tomorrow night's City Council agenda
Vern Johnson, Mayor Bryan Hoerner
S. Bud Solmonsson


REGULAR MEETING November 15, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
Al Burns, Mayor Pro Tem Amanda Fenwick Jan Bailey
NOTICE is hereby given of a Regular Meeting of the City Council for the City of Clear Lake Shores, County of Galveston, State of Texas, to be held on the above mentioned date and time at the Club House, 931 Cedar Road, Clear Lake Shores, Texas, for the purpose of considering the following numbered items. The City Council of the City of Clear Lake Shores, Texas, reserves the right to meet in a closed council session on any of the below items should the need arise and if applicable pursuant to authorization by Title 5, Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code.
    Councilwoman Bailey Mayor Pro-Tem Burns Councilman Solmonsson Councilwoman Fenwick Councilman Hoerner Mayor Johnson
    City Administrator George Jones Chief Cook
    Building Official Kevin Harrell

    Roads and Drainage
    Planning and Zoning
    Economic Development Corporation
    Waterfront Compliance
    Parks and Pool Committee
    Landscape and Beautification Advisory Committee

    a. Check Register: Oct. 27th thru Nov. 9th, 2016
    b. Minutes from Regular Meeting held November 1, 2016

10. COUNCIL BUSINESS - Discussion and possible action may be taken on the following items:
a. Approve cancellation of Regular Council Meeting set for December 20, 2016 @ 7:00 pm.. (City Administrator George Jones)
b. Approve waterfront lease transfer for B-048B: Tim Garber and Kelly Phillips to Heather Chudzinski. (City Administrator George Jones)
c. Approve waterfront lease transfer for C-086: Anita Reed and Trisha Murphy to Paul and Gigi Davidson. (City Administrator George Jones)
d. Ordinance No. 2016-11: An ordinance adopting Amendment No. 3 to the original budget of the City of Clear Lake Shores, Texas for the fiscal year 2015-16,
adjusting amounts in the expenditure accounts of the general fund; containing findings; providing for severability; and providing other details relating thereto. (City Administrator George Jones)
I, Christy Stroup, City Secretary, certify that this Notice of Meeting was posted on the outside bulletin board at 931 Cedar Drive on or before Friday, November 11, 2016.
__________________________________ Christy Stroup
City Secretary 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veteran's Day!

And it's Friday!! I would usually say how much I enjoy three day weekends but...

U.S. President Woodrow Wilson first proclaimed Armistice Day for November 11, 1919. In proclaiming the holiday, he said

"To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country's service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations."[2]

The United States Congress passed a concurrent resolution seven years later on June 4, 1926, requesting that President Calvin Coolidge issue another proclamation to observe November 11 with appropriate ceremonies.[2] A Congressional Act (52 Stat. 351; 5 U.S. Code, Sec. 87a) approved May 13, 1938, made the 11th of November in each year a legal holiday: "a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be thereafter celebrated and known as ‘Armistice Day'."

In 1945, World War II veteran Raymond Weeks from Birmingham, Alabama, had the idea to expand Armistice Day to celebrate all veterans, not just those who died in World War I. Weeks led a delegation to Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, who supported the idea of National Veterans Day. Weeks led the first national celebration in 1947 in Alabama and annually until his death in 1985. President Reagan honored Weeks at the White House with the Presidential Citizenship Medal in 1982 as the driving force for the national holiday. Elizabeth Dole, who prepared the briefing for President Reagan, determined Weeks as the "Father of Veterans Day."

U.S. Representative Ed Rees from Emporia, Kansas, presented a bill establishing the holiday through Congress. President Dwight Eisenhower, also from Kansas, signed the bill into law on May 26, 1954.[3]

Thanks Wiki.

Thank a vet today if you get a chance. They earned it. Yes I know it's our fault for all the little crybabies tearing up other peoples shit. Our Armes Services did/do indeed provide them with the freedom to protest. It's built in to our system. Try to overlook that little part and thank a Vet anyway.
But heads up kids, just because you're mad at the grownups does not give you a pass to hurt other people or damages anything that doe not belong to you. You may think that all public buildings belong to you because you are the public. But until you start paying taxes you are not really the public and a piece of the building is mine.
The grownups sat back for 8 years and let you have your way and you proved it was a tad more than you can handle. We let you get away with some mighty nasty name calling and all sorts of other shenanigans, as children are apt to, but as of Tuesday we stepped up and took away your dolly. I know protests were held four years ago too. But none of the grown ups broke anything or blocked a freeway or did anything dumb. That't the difference. Enough with the tantrum, time to leave the playground and get back in class before someone looses an eye.

See y'all tomorrow at the Civic Club's Thanksgiving Feast!!
U.S. Navy 1972-1976
2 Med cruises' and 1 WESPAC
The most fun I've had with my clothes on!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How Deplorable

OK, I’ve seen one too many pictures of whiny little bitches crying because they didn’t get their way. The Markets didn’t crash, Nobody is on fire and none of the losers on the last blog are really moving. Put on your big boy pants and lets on with life. 

We finally have a non professional politician at 1600. Here comes the test. How will he be affected by all the “pros” around him? I can tell you first hand, life inside the DC beltway is not like life in the real world. It’s different. Now, Will his advisors be able to keep him close to his platform promises or will it all turn in to business as usual? Looks like the R's have a majority but will they, can they do anything with it? I wish I thought they will, can but with the exception of our new President Elect I have a hard time seeing any difference between the party’s. So, lets see what happens in his first 100 days. Mr. President, you’re on. And we’re watching. Should be interesting. 

Monday, November 7, 2016


Election eve. Tomorrow it will be close to being over. Any bets on who will start whining first? Dear God please let this be over. 

Here’s an interior shot of the old hair salon that is about to the cornerstone of Okies Corner. Shaping right up. I wonder will the Grand Opening will look like? Should be fun.

Tally’s in. Looks like Canada is the clear loser with 9 expats picking our northern neighbor as the place they are moving to if Trump wins tomorrow. Second place goes to another planet. Seriously. Cher picks Jupiter as her fav and Jon is noncommittal with just any other planet. Whoopie is undecided and someone named Eddie Griffin can only name a continent. It's a big continent mind you so surely he'll find something in one of the 50 plus countries that call the Dark Continent home. I think I’ll miss Samuel L. And Amy, She makes me laugh when she’s not sharing her politics. 

Lena Dunham Canada. I wonder if anyone will notice she’s gone.
Amy Shumer Spain
Babs Australia or Canada
Bryan Cranston Canada
Jon Stewart- another planet
Chelsea Handler Spain
Neve  campbell Canada
Keegan-Michael Key Canada
Samuel L Jackson South Africa
Eddie Griffin Africa
Whoopie Undecided
Omari Hardwick Italy
Cher Jupiter
Raven-Symone Canada
Spike Lee- Brooklyn. Yes it is another country.
Chloe Sevigny Canada raise your hand if you can pick her out of a line up.
George Lopez - Says he’s moving back to LA?
Miley Cyrus Clueless. Surprised?
Amber Rose Canada

A neighbor is looking for a relatively new 20+ foot center console fishing boat. 

And it’s National Color The World Orange day.

Friday, November 4, 2016

National Jersey Friday

Nothing to do with those punkin' heads from up north. This is about " the first Friday in November, express your fandom for your favorite professional players on National Jersey Friday!
Every weekend during the fall, football fever sweeps the nation, from youth leagues to the professional ranks. Fans from all over the country gather to support their favorite players and teams, sparking a sense of community built upon childhood memories, fantasy football leagues and age-old rivalries and traditions.
On National Jersey Friday, everyone has the unique opportunity to ignite a new tradition by wearing their favorite player’s jersey to school, to work and at home. Gear up and celebrate Jersey Friday!
Sorry I had to miss last night's Civic Club meeting. It was W's last driving course and mandatory drug awareness class. To say it ran over is an understatement. Anyhow, here are the hi-lites.
They are looking for folks to donate deserts for the Thanksgiving Feast on the 12th. It's from 11 til 2 and they sell deserts on the side. If you've never been you don't want to miss it. Contact Doris Sanders if you can help out. And Doris, I'm in for a Pecan Pie.
The Club is looking for a professional Cleaning Service to do a once over on the Kitchen. 
David Cox has offered to take over the T-Shirt efforts in support of the Scholarship fund. 
The adult Christmas Party budget was finalized and I hear they got a few extra bucks! Mark this on your calendar. 
They are going to trot out the BBQ Cook off again earlier in the year. Too bad it was canceled but lack of interest will do that. 
Four days to go....
Have a great weekend Clear Lake Shores.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

National Deviled Egg Day

"Deviled eggs, also known as eggs mimosa, stuffed egg, salad eggs or dressed eggs, are hard boiled eggs which have been shelled, cut in half and filled with the hard-boiled egg’s yolk mixed with other ingredients such as mayonnaise and mustard. "

Don''t know about you but I am a certified deviled egg junkie. It's my favorite part of the Easter Fish Fry celebration.

Well Damn. Just got off the email with Skooly and the annual BBQ Cook-Off has been postponed due to lack of interest. They will try again in February. Damn. That's what happens.

On a better note there's  only 6 days left till we get our televisions back. Speaking of televisions, Anyone ever try a digital antenna? I bought one get one free just pay additional shipping and I'm not having any joy. The one tv is old and probably doesn't have a digital tuner built in so no surprise there but the other is just a few years old joy. If you've tried one and have had success please drop me a line. I've got a few questions.

Last night's Council meeting was fairly quick. The Chief introduced our newest officer,  Christine Ruiz. Welcome Christine! Neighbors Scotts by the boat ramp are having more than a few issues. Too many drunk bastards from the boat ramp is my guess. Some really crappy stuff going down over there so please keep an eye out for your neighbors. 

Monday, October 31, 2016

It's National Knock Knock joke Day

And Happy Halloween!

A shout out to Dennis and Terri for putting on a great costume party to coincide with the last Jammin' concert of the season. The band was one of the best and I personally loved the music genre. Then there were all the costumes. I'm pretty sure a blast was had by all in attendance, myself included. Job well done!

Dumbest shit I read today.
Woman sues KFC for 50 million dollars for not filling family bucket to the top. This tops calling 911 because your McDonalds is out of chicken nuggets. Mother of God where do these dumbasses's come from?

And here's tonight's City Council Agenda.

Vern Johnson, Mayor Bryan Hoerner
S. Bud Solmonsson


REGULAR MEETING Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Al Burns, Mayor Pro Tem Amanda Fenwick Jan Bailey
NOTICE is hereby given of a Regular Meeting of the City Council for the City of Clear Lake Shores, County of Galveston, State of Texas, to be held on the above mentioned date and time at the Club House, 931 Cedar Road, Clear Lake Shores, Texas, for the purpose of considering the following numbered items. The City Council of the City of Clear Lake Shores, Texas, reserves the right to meet in a closed council session on any of the below items should the need arise and if applicable pursuant to authorization by Title 5, Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code.
    Councilwoman Bailey Councilman Solmonsson Mayor Pro-Tem Burns Councilwoman Fenwick Councilman Hoerner Mayor Johnson
    City Administrator Police Chief Cook
    John and Brenda Scott: Public Boat Ramp, Vandalism at home, Golf Carts, Unleashed Dogs
    1. Check Register: 10.13.16 thru 10.26.16
    2. Minutes from regular meeting 10.18.16
    3. Quarterly Investment report for Qtr. ending 09/30/16
  8. COUNCIL BUSINESS - Discussion and possible action may be taken on the following items:
    a. Approve an agreement with Candace Mann for serving as the City's representative in the acquisition of property. (City Administrator George Jones)
    b. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Pursuant to the Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551 Texas Government Code Sec. 551.072: a closed session to deliberate the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property.
c. Action from EXECUTIVE SESSION: Pursuant to the Open Meetings Act, Chapter 5 551 Texas Government Code Sec. 551.072: take action, if any, on discussion item of closed session to deliberate the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property.

Knock, Knock
Who's there?
The IRS, we're taking your house because you didn't buy Obamacare...

Thursday, October 27, 2016


No not Mike, Over his shoulder, Superman. SOmetime wednesday after dark someone absconded with Pons' Superman Roof ornament. This is not the first time so he knows the drill. There is a reward , no questions asked, for the return of Superman. Perhaps an anonymous phone call tip? At any rate, Mike wants his doll back.

This is to Apple Computer. You suck. I left IBM in 1989 and went to work in an Apple only environment. At the time it was the SDI office in DC, yep, the Star Wars group. It took a while but the lightbulb went off and I became an Apple Head. To the Core. But that was then and this is now. You are on the edge of becoming a Microsoft mimic. You don't change things to make them better like you used to, You change shit just for the sake of change. Just like Redmond. Air Drop was the coolest thing in a long time. You made it soooo easy to get photos off my iphone. Tap two buttons and voila! Two OS upgrades later and it's 4 buttons three clicks and where the HELL did my pics go? They used to be in the downloads folder but not anymore! Photos folder? Not a chance. Where to then? Your Cloud? I didn't sign up for that crap. I want my !#$% jpegs back in my my !$@%%!#$% download folder. You are on the edge. If you can't make shit better then just leave it alone.

The last Jammin' is This Saturday at Shelley Pavilion. Sounds like there will be a costume party to boot. Should be a great weekend if I can find my goddamn files......

Think I'll Big Easy a chicken.

THe 1900 Olympics ffeatured a live pigeon shooting event. The winner bagged 21 pigeons.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Happy National Pumpkin Day

Walked downstairs late yesterday to find a manilla folder on the steps.
It has a worn American Flag inside. First, Thank you for rescuing this old flag. I will see that it is properly retired. Next, my son is not a Boy Scout. The closest we came were the Indian Guides via the YMCA. Five of the best years ever. Last, and to everyone else take note, When the Boy Scouts come around in a few weeks, for Veterans Day, They will gladly accept old flags. They schedule ceremonial disposals just for this purpose. They have received all my old flags and will gladly accept yours. Please spread this word. 

How do you properly retire a worn American Flag?  The most common way is by burning. The Ceremony for Disposal of Unserviceable Flags was approved through Resolution No. 440 by the National Convention of The American Legion meeting in New York on September 20-23, 1937. At that time most American flags were made of cotton or wool. Today the vast majority of American flags are made of nylon or other petroleum-based materials. These synthetic materials last much longer but it's important that they are recycled instead of burned.

Well my last effort seems to have paid off. After a conversation with neighbor Rick about his huge pellet smoker I figured what the hell and decided to try pellets in my Masterbuilt electric smoker. 
Whaddayaknow. Smoke.
This is 30 minutes in at 220. More smoke than ever before. Chips, chunks, whatever. Might just have to give this one more shot. Who knows I might just drag it down to the BBQ Cook- Off next weekend!
Dumbest Shit I read today...

Canoes reek of genocide, theft and white privilege, professor claims.

Who knew? Makes me wonder who hired this person to teach kids. How twisted is your brain to justify the statement? Kinda sad.