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Friday, December 4, 2015

Who doesn't like

National Cookie Day! This is me going after an Oreo. BRB
So yesterday was plumbing day. The kitchen sink, had a leaky faucet. I thought I would get lucky and it would be a few o rings and done. Not so. One new faucet set later and I was moving on.
Ever do a kitchen sink? Remember these? Remember how much fun it was to get all the way up in the back recess of the sink with the water lines, garbage disposal, and drain line ? then to get a tool up in there to tighten them up was an adventure too, right? Who made this shit up?

Well, after enough wishing my fingers were a foot longer than God gave me I came up with this little brain fart. It's a piece of 1 1/2 inch PVC with notches supplied by Mr. Sawzall. My gift to all plumberwannabes around the world and up your street. Yep. Up yours. Tip o' the hat to Dick Martin.

And if your new faucet has a 4th hole for the hand sprayer two little screws on the other end like this will allow you to tighten up that little jewel.

This is the most retardest thing I've heard a politician say all week. Courtesy of CAIR, and yes Virginia they are political. CAIR says it's acceptable to kill people if you don't like their governments foreign policy? Hell I don't like our Government's foreign policy(or lack of) Where do I start?
"In a Friday CNN interview, Hussam Ayloush, of the group's(CAIR) Los Angeles chapter, said American foreign policy has helped fuel the rage that drives Muslim radicals to kill in the name of their faith."
What a bunch of morons. This my friends and neighbors is what we have allowed to infest our country. Sadly, until we reset to "normal" and purge the idiotic political correctness crap there's no way out. Mr. Trump, lead the way. 

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