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Friday, March 6, 2015

One of my Favorites

It’s National Oreo Cookie Day! I’m in. I guess we all lose on this next one though, It’s National Unplug Day. Ironic that I got it off the Interwebs?

It was awesome to see so many folks at the Civic Club meeting last night. A rare occurence indeed. And to whomever brought and subsequently left the Boston Cream Pie, a pox upon you. Readers Digest version is we took a vote to make Wells Fargo a cash offer and they come and get their damned printer off the property. I really hope this works. Until a deal is reached with Wells Fargo Club activities that involve making money will be postponed. That includes all the hoohaa and bullshit about reprinting the Islander. If you were paying attention you get it. If not, well I don’t know what to tell you. All this Bring back the Islander crap is just that. TheIslander is still there folks its just online. If you choose not to read it well now that’s you isn’t it? Believe it or not our Civic Club is a 501c Corporation licensed by the Attorney General of the Great State of Texas. And we have to behave like one. We’re not Exxon-Mobile but we have much of the same rules. And that means not just anyone can run around the hood making deals for the Club. That gets to happen by the Officers, to limited extent the Board of Directors and or their duly appointed representatives. The Soup Cook-off however is still on for March 21st as it benefits the Scholarship fund exclusively. JT and Kathy have asked for volunteers to help with the Easter Sunrise Service. The Children's Easter EggHunt is off since no one volunteered to put it on. Note this is the first time it’s not been held in since forever but more on that in a minute. Team Dowell has agreed to host the Easter Fish Fry once more and I hope it comes to pass. The Fish Fry could not be in more capable hands. Thanks Dowells, Sorry I’m gonna miss it. The Garage Sale date was set by Bryan and Diana Hoerner. This year it will be on May 16th. More as I get it. Last but not least. The entire slate of Officers will be replaced next month. One way or the other. Here is where I need to point out NOT ONE citizen has stepped up to run for a seat. Pathetic fits very well here. Sad works too. Prior to the meeting I heard all theses stories about an army of volunteers that were going to step in and do what needed doing. I guess they had other things to do last night because they damn sure weren’t there. And don’t give me that I’m too busy bullshit. Everyone on the other side of that table has a job too. Lazy, whiney, bastards. I saw the exact same half dozen people that ALWAYS volunteer to get shit done and they were the only ones. Damn that’s lame. That's the rub, Too many of our friends and neighbors want someone else to do it. What will happen to the Civic Club if no one steps in? I guess we’ll find out in 4 weeks. 

City Elections are in May. Three seats are up. The Mayor is running unopposed and Councilmen Burns and Bailey are running for their seats and Ronnie Richards is also running for Council. Good luck one and all.



Anonymous said...

Summary / Translation / Context

Big numbers attended the Civic Club meeting. Usually, none of you lazy, good-for-nothing, stupids, show up. The Civic Club officers want to void an unwise, costly, and lengthy contract with Wells Fargo & Co (currently trading on the NYSE at $54.59 a share) for a printer used to print the Islander newsletter that is now being published only digitally. The Civic Club hopes that because this contract is unwise, costly, and lengthy for the Civic Club, the representatives of WFC, will accept an offer from the Civic Club that returns the copy machine to a third party and pays WFC an amount pleasing to the Civic Club. The Civic Club has hired an attorney to argue the merits of this case and convince WFC to help out the Civic Club. If Wells Fargo rejects this "deal", the Civic Club will stop doing anything that involves making money. Printing the Islander is total bullshit. Those who favor printing the Islander are Hoo Haa ers. If you are confused and confounded, you don't pay attention to the politics and inner-workings of the Civic Club. ( Maybe you are a person who attends events for fun or maybe only a volunteer. But if you don't know all about the copy machine contract and this controversy, you are distracted - maybe by the actual events put on by the Civic Club. You should pay more attention to the politics and less to those distracting events). The Civic Club is a non-profit organization and it gets special tax breaks. Thus, it should behave like a corporation and follow the law. There are only a few people who are authorized to make deals (like the unwise, costly, and lengthy one with Wells Fargo) - only a few people can "make those deals", so, all of you "anybodies" running around the hood talking about the Islander, need to sit down, shut up, stay calm, or better yet, leave. Only the big people can make deals - (like the costly, lengthy, and unwise one with Wells Fargo).

That said - we don't have enough volunteers! Nobody is stepping up to lead this Civic Club! We are shocked and appalled. Damn it! There are only about 6 decent people who volunteer to do things and the rest of you suck! You suck! Why won't you volunteer! We are tired of this crap. All of the Civic Club officers are quitting so you lazy bastards need to step up!! damnit. The pie was really good.

End of Summary


Roselyn said...

I have been missing your blog AB. This is where i find out whats really going on, rather than The Islander.

Your fan forever, but unfortunately another one of those lazy, good for nothing, stupids. Ha!