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Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's National Cheese Doodle Day

I swear! I read it on the internet so it must be true. It’s also National Multiple Personality Day or National Dissociative Identity Disorder, depends on how you want to look at it. Anyone see where our old neighbor Bill King is going to run for the Mayor of Houston? That should be interesting. Hey Your Civic Club is having a meeting tonight and they need you. They need your ideas, your time and your support.
Hello Dear Civic Club Members!

From President Debbie,
I hope you are doing well and, like me, looking forward to Spring.  Sounds like we'll have another bite of winter starting tonight, so bundle up and make plans to attend your Civic Club meeting tomorrow night where it will be nice and toasty in the Club House.  We have a LOT going on, so please attend to find out what is happening and be "in the know"!

For those that have not attended a Civic Club meeting before, we always start early with Potluck where everyone brings a dish to share.  You're welcome to bring your own beverage of choice.  There was an error in the March Islander, so please note that this month we're asking folks to bring a food item as suggested below (based on the first initial of your last name):

A - K  Desserts
L - R  Entrée
S - Z  Veggies/Salads

(If you already had made plans to bring a food item based on the information in the Islander, then please stick with your plans.)

Potluck will actually begin at 6:30 tomorrow night instead of the normal
7:00 time slot.  The Club meeting will begin promptly at 7:30.  The Agenda, as well as the list of this year's Club activities, and information about our next activity in March, which is the annual Soup Cook-off is on-line and copies will be available at the meeting.

The March edition of our Civic Club's on-line newsletter called "The Islander" is now available for your reading pleasure.  The newsletter will help you get to know what fun we have around here.  Remember that you may find this issue and past issues online on our Club's website.  The address

Thank you to all the wonderful contributors of The Islander - your hard work and valuable input is very much appreciated!  I love the crawfish/shamrocks/leprechaun cover page - who would have thought of mixing that concept together except for our fun and spirited Theresa Viola-Buck!.
So...ENJOY, and see you tomorrow night.  Thank you for your support of the Clear Lake Shores Civic Club.
 Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm schizophrenic
And so am I.

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