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Monday, December 22, 2014

National Forefather's Day

Forefathers’ Day is a holiday celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on December 22. It is a commemoration of the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on December 21, 1620. It was introduced in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1769. Take that.

Well if you missed the Civic Club’s Christmas Party you missed one heck of a good time. The foos was great and the crowd was jusr awesome. Shanna and Pricilla have outdone themselves. Next time you see either one of them make sure you thank them for effort they put into this final event of the year. Job well done Ladies.

And speaking of the Christmas Party, for all those enquiring minds Bryan Hoerner won First Place in the wacky hat contest with his home made Sno-Globe hat. Lisa Foley won Second Place and Rick and Sam took home best couple.

The Carroling Carters worked their magic around the Island last night. I am so thankful they stopped at the Corner of Forest and Pine. We weren’t able to join in this year MJ and I are both trying to get over the Crud. We’ll be there next year tho. I counted 45 buggies as they drove off to spread Christmas Joy around the neighborhood. Caldwell’s, you rock! Merry Christmas everyone.

John Robert "Joe" Cocker

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Anonymous said...

Just so you do not forget, when the "Pilgrims" landed in Massachusetts, the Jamestown, Virginia, Colony had already been struggling and growing for thirteen years, including celebrtating the real First Thanksgiving. As usual, southerners get no credit or respect.

Crystal Burney